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  1. The problem isn't just a cloud layer thickness. It is also with visibility. See my post above with images. SMP fails to limit forward visibility. This is a problem if you are simulating instrument conditions. You shouldn't be able to see something a mile away when the visibility is reporting 1/4sm.
  2. Hi Mike, Same issue i've had with xp10 Unfortunately, i just turn skymaxx off if i want to experience a good foggy approach.
  3. So, If I load up at an airport showing 1/4 mile visibility, it seems pretty realistic both with and without skymaxx. However, the default weather definately is less transparent than Skymaxx. The two screenshots below show 1/4sm Fog. What I've noticed is that when flying into an airport the weather doesn't appear realistic with Skymaxx, but during departure it is usually representative, as in this case. Maybe it takes a while for weather to be updated when flying enroute? Or it is updating from a location other than my destination? Current Weaher: PAKN 162054Z 00000KT 1/2SM FG VV003 01
  4. Here are my settings. I've also tried HD Cloud Puffs and Dense Particles. If nothing else, i'd love to see the visibility accurately depicted: If the METAR says "1/2SM visibility", i'd love to not see anything till i'm close to half a mile. The standard x-plane weather does pretty well at this. I do not have real weather connector. Maybe this is part of my problem?
  5. I've been noticing the same thing. For the IFR experience in general, If I turn off skymaxx, the default xplane weather does a better job at simulating lower clouds and visibility. I don't know if it makes a difference, but i'm letting xsquawkbox/vatsim drive the weather. If I want nice looking clouds enroute, I turn on skymaxx, if I want challenging weather during an instrument approach, i use default x-plane weather. I'd love to know if i'm doing something wrong. I've tried all of the settings I could think of within skymaxx.
  6. I found this to be a conflict with using the latest version of xSquawkBox (1.3.3). I reverted to 1.2 and it solved my problem. I was using XP 10.51 and 1.7 of the CRJ.
  7. This is the same in the Caravan as well. I often have to use beta while taxiing or it gets going too fast. However, some of our caravans at work have different prop rigging. Some are so messed up they accelerate when you go into beta and don't really do anything in reverse except make a lot of noise.
  8. Excuse my ignorance, since it says 64 bit only -- after updating to 1.2 i will lose 32bit mode functionality, correct?
  9. Are you guys running 32bit or 64bit xp when you experience this prob?
  10. Thanks for looking at this Goran. Eagle: i've also noticed that you can lift the tail as if it were a cub. I flew on a DC-3 for a day once and i have to say there is no way you could lift the tail below 60kts. Also, when landing as the tail comes down, it's almost impossible to break so hard that you tip over on your nose. Also Typical approaches were made with 21" manifold 2000rpm easily maintaining about 80 to 90 kts with full flaps and gear down. Hope any of this helps, i don't expect the DC-3 to be exactly like the real thing. It's a pleasure to fly as it is, but the ground handling
  11. Hi Eaglewing, I pretty much just don't use flaps. 1. with flaps down, there is so much drag you can hardly maintain approach speed with tons of power 2. with flaps down, it takes much more power to taxi 3. with a load in the plane, it is almost impossible to taxi on a non-paved strip (especially with flaps down). Another thing you can do is takeoff with minimum weight...then start your flight once airborn. But landing is embarassing on vatsim due to this issue.
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