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  1. Test1234

    737-300 Classic engine exhaust animation

    "Only one out of several thousands" Shows how out of touch you are with the community. It's a problem with the New Xenviro 1.10 version, everyone has it.
  2. Test1234

    11.30 RC3 "Final" version...

    Waiting for IXEG to release the new Update.
  3. Test1234

    Next update?

    Is there a feature list of the Update Jan?
  4. Test1234


    Will IXEG Update Flightmodel with new xp.30 ?
  5. Test1234


    Hi. XP 11.30 is out, is it safe to update?
  6. Test1234

    next update

    I'd be cool to atleast know whats being worked on or what has been done so far. We're Customers we paid over 70Dollars for this plane.
  7. Test1234


    Hi, could the IXEG team give an Update as to whats going on right now? Are New Features still being Developed? Seems to me like IXEG is dead, no major Update since release. the FMC has gotten barely any attention, VNAV is bad(Yes i know that its also bad on the real 73 but it doesnt loose its mind when entering a new alt cstr) and the PROG page is still not fully done, no HOLD or ABEAM legs. Looking at the "Things that are not going to be in V1" list theres not been much done considering this plane has been out more than 1 Year. Im sure the community would appreciate a Update from IXEG. Thanks alot.
  8. Test1234


    Any News?
  9. Test1234

    Next update

    Yeah agreed, especially stuff like the FMC bugging out, VNAV incredibly buggy and the Gizmo crashes. Otherwise it's actually an amazing plane! but it's really hard to enjoy it with such huge issues as named before. i hoppe the update will be out in a Month or two, that would be absoloutley amazing
  10. Test1234

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Better be Ready quick Can't wait for the new Update
  11. Test1234

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Nice, i like the new Previews, and as everyone else asks What do you reckon when can we see the Update? In a few Months?
  12. Test1234

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    I'm on about the Missing Features, HOLD, OFFSET, PROG page, etc. and VNAV Improvement, in the current version if you change anything in the flightplan whilst the FMC is in the DES Phase your VNAV will just give up and not function properly anymore. imo this is a massive Deal Breaker (and yes i know all that talk about how rl pilots don't use VNAV because ATC vectors them, but face it, it's a sim, you don't always have ATC so you do rely on VNAV, and also, if VNAV is never used i'm sure boeing would have Omited it, it's there for a Reason.) Anyway thanks for your Effort IXEG Team, hope you guys will keep working on the Classic and maybe in the future an NG
  13. Test1234

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    A bit disapointed that there's not much Love for the FMC considering the plane came out nearly a Year ago now. But thanks nevertheles.
  14. Test1234

    Small Flightmodel Inacuraccy?

    Gotcha, Thanks for the Reply and Clarification
  15. Test1234

    Small Flightmodel Inacuraccy?

    And as the Lift Increases the Downwash will also Increase, Lift and Downwash are Proportional to eachother because Downwash is a product of Lift. and the aft movement of the CP should cause a Nose Drop AFAIK, you can see this effect really well on GA Planes, for example on the Piper Cherokee,Archer its Really Obvious.