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  1. Saab 340 in Xplane 11

    Copy also the folder; XP / Resources / plugins / Gizmo64.plugin and XP / X-Aviation / Good luck.
  2. X-Aviation Licensing Failed IXEG 737

    Sorry for the hassle. Maybe some of your native language characters are upsetting the server communications. For best results stick to the ASCII character set.. Kinda hard to debug a problem where I have to ask you "what's your password?" so I can see which characters break the code.
  3. Mouse click and drag not working in fullscreen

    Have you tested any other aircraft? Is this problem specific to the IXEG product or is it a bug with X-Plane?
  4. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    If you send me a packet log file I'll take a closer look. I'm kinda curious where the hex values are getting corrupted.
  5. IXEG Module Activation Problem

    Gizmo requires write permission to X-Plane/X-Aviation/license_db.bin Now that you've run X-P as admin you should be able to locate the file and take ownership, granting yourself write permissions. That said; Windows UAC might get in the way and try and magically hide the file updates from Gizmo leading to the endless loop you had. It's been a general rule not to put X-Plane into Program Files folders for some time because Windows likes to intervene. With the advent of Steam however, this location is basically default, which can lead to the occasional annoyance. Glad you sorted it out, sorry for the hassle. Hope the info above helps you remove the admin tag from X-Plane.exe..
  6. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    Given the overheard of terrain scanning this does not surprise me at all. Well spotted. I'll be sure to raise it.
  7. Night lighting, flood/dome

    Throw in end user light conditions with regards to monitors, gamma, room lighting, natural lighting, glare, etc, and all bets are well and truly off. The dynamic range of the average monitor is like looking at the world through a drinking straw.
  8. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    Better performance is something the team strives for with every release. It is however secondary to correct performance. The IXEG systems code is a considerably large and complex piece of work. It is unreasonable to expect a complete performance review in one point release. Instead I encourage the team to make performance revisions on each sub system of code that they actively work on over time. This let's them most effectively attack both objectives of rich systems simulation and performance improvements with the limited man hours they have to work with.
  9. New Computer

    This feature was considered. It is not being added because it is possible to "instantly" de-auth an old machine from the new machine you're needing to use, in-sim, as a quick additional step in the registraion process. Adding this functionality to the main site is redundant and adds to long term code maintenance overhead for no gain.
  10. 737 Log / Crash

    You probably have some other plugin that is overloading your sound drivers. I can see some errors relating to loading sounds just before it fails entirely. Cut down on the number of plugins you're using.
  11. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    Huge data size for terrain packages. Tens of Gigabytes vs Hundreds of Megabytes.
  12. install error "Take ownership" of the gizmo folder that's troubling you and delete it.
  13. Can I active IXEG 733 on my two PCs?

    Yes. This is fine. You can activate three machines at the same time. When you try and activate number four it will ask you to deactivate one of the other three.
  14. FMC constraints causes severe FPS issue

    Sorry if I come across the wrong way. I'm not annoyed. I'm just sharing the technical realities. It's something I'd definitely like to see fixed but it's a mult layer problem. Being able to write an algorithm that works is easier than writing one that works in ever shrinking time slices. (Where we usually had about 16ms to work with (60fps) we now have a target of about 8ms. (VR...)) Great fun and definitely part of the art of programming for game loops.
  15. FMC constraints causes severe FPS issue

    The code involved is; A; In Tom's hands, requiring his intimate knowledge of the FMC. B; At the cutting edge of changes. Likely to be revised, renewed and generally re-worked from version to version. This means that I can't fix it or optimize it. 1. Get it right. 2. Make it go faster Fast code that produces wrong results is useless. Teaching Tom to "shard" his code across frames by introducing a bunch of book keeping code will also make his life much much harder when it comes to debugging. (and probably introduce a whole pile of secondary bugs related to sharding...)