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  1. Passwords leaked at

    I personally use and recommend this;
  2. Playback error

    Gizmo puts datarefs into read-only mode during playback. Internal scripts can still modify values but external inputs like manipulators should be locked out.
  3. De-authorization problem

    Make a back up of the data and re-install the OS. Storage is cheap. Sharing of licensed products between groups of friends was a persistent and wide spread problem before we refreshed the DRM. You will get exactly zero sympathy here.
  4. De-authorization problem

    No. Modern machines ship with a factory restore partition. Re-install the OS as a clean install.
  5. De-authorization problem

    Erase the disk. The machine ID is generated from OS details. Erasing the disk will force the new owner to have a new OS and in turn, a new machine ID.
  6. MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Bold emphasis added. Adding a product compatability matrix so we can turn "Linux" on/off for a very small number of products in the entire catalog for a literal handful (10) of customers IS a waste of technical resources and time. Your assertion that there is any significant number of people being "cheated" is utterly laughable. 10 people. Six months. Award winning, class leading, products on offer. 10 people risked and were rewarded in six months. There is no invisible Linux crowd. Period. You might not agree. You might not like it. We're the ones left paying the bill so you don't get much of a choice and now you know why it's entirely appropriate and justified. Now please... You've had your turn. Move along.
  7. MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    In the last six months of unofficially offering a Linux plugin I have seen about 10 people attempt to activate their installed product. X-Aviation remains uninterested in offering commercial support for Linux because the customer count is so low relative to the can of worms that support is. I'm finding it very very difficult to justify any continued support given the extremely low levels of uptake for what are highly regarded products. (IXEG, Saab....)
  8. Can't rotate knobs anymore

    A 4K display is on my hardware wishlist.
  9. XP11 FMC (new/next issue)

    The official way to get the latest version of Gizmo is to install an X-A payware product that requires it.
  10. Activation problem

    I can't help you until you post log files. The most recent version of Gizmo, that the installer will automatically fetch, contains code that should elminate any MID clashes. You have not posted a log file, we cannot verify that you have the latest copies of things installed.
  11. Load error

    Delete the file X-Plane / X-Aviation / marker.1 ...... restart XP, re-license your products, should be fine until the next Significant MS Windows update. Sorry for the hassle.
  12. Crash in Preflight Menu

    "XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE" means something in the plugins system of X-Plane failed. It does not mean that the last plugin that wrote to the log caused the failure. If it was Gizmo specifically causing the failure the message would read: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [Gizmo64]}==-- or --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: []}==-- No idea what's causing your crash.
  13. IXEG 733 Issues Version 1.2

    Zip the log file and watch it compress to a few kb. Repeating data is good like that. Can't make a comment without seeing the log.
  14. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    It would be nice to have the systems stable too. There is little point optimizing things that Tom may re-write entirely. I have advised them on what I believe to be the cause, it's a "death by thousand cuts" thing. The Garbage Collector cycle adds up to a jittery amount of work.
  15. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    If you see any error you have no idea what the internal state of the systems are. It may be much more than those two files that failed to load, init and create workload. Sorry to say but these results are not much use at all. The problem is well understood already. If it was a simple one line fix it'd be done already.