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  1. Ben Russell

    steam version tbm 900 wont load

    Make sure youd AMD drivers are up to date?
  2. Ben Russell

    Extreme low FPS only in the IXEG

    Install a fresh demo copy of X-Plane and try testing there.
  3. Ben Russell

    X-Plane Vulkan Beta 11.50 Released

    Plugin author is aware and will need to publish an update to work properly with 11.50+
  4. Ben Russell

    In Game Dialog Box

    @sundog; some weird stuff going on in the logs here... any thoughts?
  5. Ben Russell

    In Game Dialog Box

    Please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files from the X-Plane folder. This will allow us to see what version of the sim you're running, etc. This is not normal and might be a Laminar bug if you're running the 11.50beta with Vulkan or something like that. Cheers.
  6. Ben Russell

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    You need to contact X-Aviation support directly to resolve this. http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php? We will reply as soon as we are able and will endeavor to reply within 3 days, but usually quicker. Please do not send multiple e-mails or this will delay our response to you!
  7. Ben Russell

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    debug: 316.568: No license for: (Leading Edge Simulations)(Saab 340A Published by X-Aviation)
  8. Ben Russell

    Tool tray not showing up

    Try deleting: X-Plane \ Output \ preferences \ gizmo_prefs.txt
  9. Ben Russell

    Installing G5 instruments breaks X-Plane

  10. Ben Russell

    Tool tray not showing up

    The Log.txt file you provided shows that your system doesn't seem to have any compatible sound hardware. This may be causing some errors within Gizmo, it's certainly an unexpected condition. (The Log.txt is full of messages from Gizmo complaining about it, I'd have to audit the gizmo source code for the 18.x version to see exactly what kind of side effects its causing..) Does your system have a sound card? Do other games work with sound? :/
  11. Ben Russell

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    Some minor stutter is normal but it shouldn't be "unplayable".
  12. Ben Russell

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    What kind of FPS are you getting when its "lagging a lot and I can't play" ? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I know you just want to enjoy the product and working through the problem can be tedious and time consuming.
  13. Ben Russell

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    Your hardware is fine.. What sort of FPS values are you seeing?
  14. Ben Russell

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    How old is your computer? Can you attach a copy of Log.txt from the X-Plane folder to a reply here.. There is info inside that will tell us how powerful your machine is.
  15. Please attach the Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt from the X-Plane folder.