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  1. Xplane11 crashing by Saab 340A

    Not much point packaging the Saab update up with a buggy copy of Gizmo is there? Notice all the IXEG bug threads right now from the update we just published? The same plugin powers both aircraft. Systems scripts run on top. We could publish the Saab tomorrow, but it'd just create more headaches for everyone. Your patience would be appreciated.
  2. Crash after 1.21 update

    Bug confirmed. -sigh- Thanks...
  3. "Same for me", exactly the same, down to exact error message and exact aircraft selections? Or just "vaguely the same, i saw some red text" ..... Every detail matters. No matter how tedious it seems to report it. Esepecially prior aircraft selection in this particular instance. Thanks.
  4. Same bug/failure every week

    Red text does not automatically mean marker.1 is at fault. This is a new bug currently under review and fix. Keep an eye out for "Gizmo64" update releases. Hopefully I can get this issue fixed in the next few days.
  5. Crash after 1.21 update

    From the looks of GizmoLog.txt you merged the two plugins instead of replacing the old with the new. Better is to create a folder called X-Plane/resources/plugins/disabled/ Move the old plugin into that, then copy the new plugin in "clean". There are some remaining prefs/options/config files showing up in the log. (GL_BugZapper load fail warning...) Probably wont affect things but not always the best option to simply merge the two Gizmo64.plugin releases this way. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying the new options.
  6. [Solved] Betterpushback and ver 1.21

    thanks for taking the time to report back that this is fixed.
  7. Version 1.5

    You paid for what's detailed on the store page. There are no official dates of release specified for the pending update. There is no official news letter sent providing a URL that doesn't work. Seems you're confused about your own experience. This doesn't change the fact that there's still an update in the pipeline that will be released, when it's ready. Not when you ask for it, when. it's. ready. At the moment, that situations blocked because of some nasty bugs with the plugins that power it. Bugs that I've been fixing tonight. Doesn't mean the update will be ready tomorrow though. You've become frustrated with your own impatience. There was never a date given. Only Gorans best intention and happiness that he'd completed his part of a multi step, multi party process, but you've made it extensively clear that you don't care about the details, only your own gratification.
  8. Version 1.5

    15 hours. Not sure what you were hoping to achieve here.
  9. Version 1.5

  10. Version 1.5

    Had you bothered to read and understand the contents of this thread in full this conversation wouldn't be happening. As you don't give a shit about what I have to share, I'll return the favour and move right along leaving you with nothing but what you brought to the thread. Snark and attitude. Good day.
  11. "the fps spikes are too big!" "the fps is too low!" I'll be providing an control panel to choose between "higher fps big spikes" OR "lower fps spikes but more consistent FPS" with a simple check box. There's no free lunch here. The drop is the result of both more detailed graphics AND Gizmo being tuned for more consistent fps with less spiking.
  12. TextureID for map respectively terrain map

    There is no terrain texture. You have to build it using the SDK probes function. These requests are getting ridiculous. Gizmo is a commercial product composed of hard won knowledge. I’m a little tired of you asking for cherry picked answers for short cuts to take for your own means. Either use it or earn your own battle scars.
  13. Version 1.5

    Yes. It is. You'll also note that we just pushed an update for the IXEG 737 which contains bugs that are caused by Gizmo. This means that the Saab update is now blocked by me because the Saab runs on top of Gizmo and I'm the sole author for that product. And guess what, in the last few months life hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. I'm currently seeking a new house and doing my best to work out of a garage while staying with family. This means that any future updates will be ready "when they're done" and not a moment before.