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  1. XP 11.10 final

    Turth is we like talking about stuff too. It builds enthusiasm and our own energy. Problem is 2017 was the year of the Internet Troll. A small % of people can be excepttionally good at making life crap for developers. And thus we go radio silent. Thanks for your enthusiasm for our products. We appreciate it.
  2. Engine rating

    Hmmm. I'll investigate this "can't detect quit" issue... Hopefully sim/operation/quit is called, or something similar.
  3. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    So you're going to buy me a VR rig then? It may not be expensive to you but it is beyond my budget for the foreseeable future. I have two kids to raise...
  4. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    If you want to buy me a VR headset and a machine to run it on I'll personally make this happen. The reality is that VR hardware is both expensive and rare. A very small (unknown) % of users own it now and the uptake is slow. We must serve the majority of users first. You all collectively make any returns possible. Serving a niche sub set of users is not a wise use of resources. We're not a AAA games studio with an entire building floor dedicated to our work. We're a team of individuals spread all over the planet mostly working second jobs to subsidize our X-Plane developments. It's hard to justify the investment in something like a VR headset and GPU when you're already subsiding just being able to publish the product at all. Thanks for your understanding. Not trying to pour cold water on your request, just stating the reality of the situation.
  5. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    The difference between gritty one on one with your developers and faceless mega corps with PR departments who don't actually give a shit about you beyond ad-rev comes down to this;
  6. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    Perhaps you have simply worn out our patience with your endless requests for perfection when it was made clear from the outset that there are limits and you'll have to live with them. You keep nit-picking the product and recieving the same basic reply: "There are technical limitations. We all have to live with them." Here is your earliest thread, which was addressed with due consideration and respect.
  7. unlocking machine

    An oversight would be clicking Agree 50 times in a row without reading or understanding the EULA. An error I would have sympathy for. A claim that you did not understand the implications of the word "FREEZE" and the phrasing and multi-step process in which it is presented is somewhat less believable.
  8. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    Your expectations of photo realism from a gaming product are unrealistic. The technical limitations have been repeated to you over a period of months. Would you buy this and complain about artifacts and non-suitability for 4K broadcast work? No.
  9. unlocking machine

    Please explain which parts of this text are unclear; "Select ONE machine to de-authorize forever:" "De-auth and freeze this machine forever:" "Please type FREEZE to agree.." You were required to make an interactive agreement to this process. The digital equivilant of a signature. (Many forms online specify "Type your name to sign"...) It is very deliberately a multi step process that cannot be triggered by accident. Your assertion that you were "not aware of the process and finality of this" is clearly false. You don't seem to have any issues communicating in English so please explain to me how this process could have been any clearer. Related;
  10. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    Your passive agressive victim posts are getting tiring.
  11. Machine ID Locked in XP10 Only

    Good to hear. Sorry you got caught in the anti-piracy web...
  12. Machine ID Locked in XP10 Only

    Sounds like Gizmo is out of date. Easiest will be to delete; X-Plane 10 / Resources / plugins / Gizmo64.plugin then copy X-Plane 11 / Resources / plugins / Gizmo64.plugin into the XP10 plugins folder. Machine ID's should be identical across sim versions. It's generated from OS details. There was also a Gizmo update this year that changed how machine ID's are generated to minimize clashes. Hope that helps...
  13. Deinstall before moving to XP11?

    De-install is not required. When activating on your new system the DRM will present a list of machines with names and dates for you to select an old machine to de-activate if required. If you're moving from XP10 to XP11 then the machine ID should* remain the same if you're using the same version of Gizmo64 on both. (* Gizmo64 has seen some updates for XP11 that may result in a different Machine ID if you have an older plugin installed in XP10... ) It should be a fairly painless process with the latest plugins. The DRM was updated to allow self service for most hardware update issues. Good luck.
  14. Scroll down to / Search for; Attaching 3-D Objects