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  1. Ben Russell

    Possibly failed license?

    Do you have xpuipc installed? Please attach a copy of log.txt from the xp folder to make debug easier for us..
  2. Start by removing this: Loaded: C:\Users/spencer/Documents/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/projectFLY/win_x64/projectFLY.xpl (mettar.projectfly.bridge).
  3. Ben Russell

    SAAB 340A interactive checklist doesn't function

    As a guess, you probably have an anti virus program stopping the registration process from completing properly. Will need to see GizmoLog.txt to be sure. It contains the exact error message.
  4. Ben Russell

    Why do I need to type in FREEZE now?

    Also, the list of machines provides a list of dates. Oldest is probably safest.
  5. Ben Russell

    Can’t update x-aviation licences

    What language is your computer setup for? Have you tried removing other plugins to rule out one of them hogging the a key event inside xplane? If you have continued trouble we'll need a copy of your Log.txt file from the xplane folder.
  6. Ben Russell

    Can’t update x-aviation licences

    Try using copy and paste from notepad into the xplane gui fields...
  7. This is fixed in the next update.
  8. Ben Russell

    Locked the wrong machine

    1. The name and date of registration for the machine are provided as a reference. If in doubt, it's probably safest to choose the oldest machine in the list. 2. Occasionally Windows Update will cause the same hardware to be seen as a new machine, see point 1 re: dates. 3. Generally multiple installs of X-Plane on the same system are seen as the same Hardware-ID. With those three rules in mind you should be perfectly safe to have another copy of your products on the same hardware.
  9. Ben Russell

    Activation problem

    Software that is licensed to use is not the exception, it is the default. It is everywhere. It would be difficult to find an exception. You didn't just give your friend an installer or a disc/memory stick. You furnished them with the username and password that grants them access to what you self describe as being a large number of purchases from X-Aviation over the years. Playing the naive card and the VP of engineering card at the same time doesn't serve you well either. You should know better on all counts. Cameron is the only one who can help you with licensing issues. He has access to all the customer and purchase records. I just build widgets.
  10. Ben Russell

    SkyMAXX installer crash

    If your virus scanner is causing a kernel panic I'd get a refund on it. That's a seriously shoddy bug.
  11. Ben Russell

    projectFLY user? I have a plugin update for you..

    If you're not having any issues with the official plugin you don't need this one. I don't keep track of where they're at. I fixed a problem we were having in September 2018.
  12. Ben Russell

    Fail to Update v1.1.9

    Two people helping isn't no one. Just because you don't like the answers or that it takes time to figure out doesn't mean you have to be rude.
  13. Ben Russell

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Some time between now and the heat death of the universe.
  14. Ben Russell

    Fail to Update v1.1.9

    Your anti virus is blocking gizmo from contacting the license server via http.
  15. Ben Russell

    Error code

    Does anything different happen if you use the Saab scroll wheel manipulator -before- you attempt to use the RXP product? The error message is indicative of state-desynch inside the Saab code. I'm wondering if using the manip at least once will put it into a safer state.