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  1. Ben Russell

    TBM900 MFD Problem

    Not all devs are running multiple displays. Those that are probably aren't testing for every possible layout of them. Primary left might work. Primary right might not. etc. I know for a fact that I have multi monitor bugs to work on but haven't had time to setup a dual head display and mess around with it yet.
  2. Ben Russell

    No manual download?

  3. Ben Russell

    console popup box

    Do you have BitDefender installed? AntiVirus software has recently started blocking HTTP communication with the server. If you are using an AV package it may be worth investigating if you can add an exception from X-Plane and HTTP comms. I hope to move to HTTPS authentication in the future but it's not an easy change.
  4. Ben Russell


    Your patience is appreciated.
  5. Ben Russell

    Looking forward to the next update(IXEG)

    This is why OP is a massive pain in the ass. No. It's not dead. OP is just a troll looking for some drama.
  6. Ben Russell

    X-Aviation Installer vs. Bitdefender 2019

    Thanks for raising this. I can see this being an issue to look out for with in-sim activation via Gizmo as well. (This also forum runs on http, so....) Hopefully adding cross-platform TLS support to gizmo isn't too tedious. :|
  7. Ben Russell

    Looking forward to the next update(IXEG)

  8. Ben Russell

    Activation Problem

    Please include Log.txt with all error reports. I'm going to guess you have an old version of Gizmo installed. If you'd included Log.txt I could give you a better answer.
  9. Ben Russell

    Newly bought Saab causes crashes to desktop

    If you install the recommended Open.FlyBridge plugin you should be able to use the PF client app. There may be some slight variation in the data it captures but from my brief testing it looks usable. The alternative is to remember to start the PF client app after X-Plane. This is made harder by the fact that their app likes to stay running but hidden unless you kill it with task manager.
  10. Ben Russell

    Need help from tech support!

    When I created the drm system I made the very deliberate choice not to allow you to unregister the machine you're currently using. You can only do it from a different machine and it will only prompt you to do so after you have registered three machines. It is difficult to break by accident.
  11. Ben Russell

    Newly bought Saab causes crashes to desktop

    You have the project fly plugin installed. It is known to be buggy. Their team has been contacted but doesn't seem to care. See this for a fix: https://github.com/benrussell/Open.FlyBridge/releases Or this for the story: http://blog.x-plugins.com/2018/09/projectfly-bridge-plugin-rewrite.html Sorry that you've been bothered by this. Not much more I can do about it.
  12. Ben Russell

    Looking forward to the next update(IXEG)

    It crashes for you. It works for the other 99.99% of people. File a support ticket and maybe we can figure out what's wrong with your pc.
  13. Probably worth noting that the Mu-2 has been on the market with free updates for about 10 years. Good luck finding any other software with that kind of support.
  14. Ben Russell

    Looking forward to the next update(IXEG)

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  15. Ben Russell

    Skymaxx pro 4.6

    You should've approached support before you started digging a hole.