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  1. Night lighting, flood/dome

  2. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Same here. Cockpit looks by far not as good as in XP10. GTX980Ti
  3. Green Cockpit Shimmer in XP11

    Hello, there's a greenish shimmer in the XP11 Cockpit even when the green eyebrow shades are removed. best regards
  4. Hello, just noticed that the Engine Start Switches are without "Click"-Sound when being actuated in XP11. best regards
  5. Uncoordinated turns xPlane 11

  6. Hello, is anyone else experiencing these ultra annoying microstutters in XP11? To me, they happen especially during rotation, flare and during turns. Happens even when using the default Cessna, however, with the ixeg 737 it's more prominent. Using XP11.02r2 on a i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, GTX980ti 6GB, SSD, WIN7 64bit. Happens even when in nvidia Controlpanel "Threaded Optimization" is set to "Off" and "V-Sync" to "half refresh rate". Using these settings in XP10 gives me ultra smooth performance, even with ixeg 737 and high complex weather and add-on scenery. best regards
  7. Uncoordinated turns xPlane 11

    Hello, just recognized in xPlane 11 that the plane is flying uncoordinated turns, no matter if flying manually or on Autopilot. It takes a while whilst in the turn until the turn is halfway coordinated ( although its still a slight skid ) Yaw Dampers are on. Even Rudder Stability Augmentation in xPlane 11 settings does not fix the issue No issues what so ever in the xPlane 10 version. best regards
  8. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    Just wondering: since you've managed to simulate a classic 80's aircraft with mixed flight instruments ( electronic & analogue ) so well, I'm wondering if you ever thought of modelling the Airbus A310 / A300-600 in a future project? This Type as been overlooked completely in the flight simulation scene ( at least on a study sim level ), it is interestingly very complex on both System & Performance side and for sure it would be as much fun as your 737-300. So there might be a market for that Type... Best regards, Toto
  9. Hello. very frequently I get the FMC-Message "unable CRZ ALT". This happens even at moderate TOW ( 45tons ) and Cost-Index ( between 20-50 ) on trips with a trip-length of around 500NM. According to FMC, a CRZ ALT of FL290 ( or higher ) for the above conditions is not possible, which I believe is not correct. Due to that, I'm having troubles to engage VNAV after T/O. So I'm using LVL/CHG instead. And this mode shows that ( performancewise ) a cruise level of FL390 is easily possible, with a cruise segment of around 300NM... Best regards, Toto
  10. Xplane 10.50

    I think it was something about microstutters / framerate-hits.
  11. Xplane 10.50

    Good morning. Just a short question: Whilst starting Xplane, I'm constantly asked to update my Xplane 10 ( 10.45 ) to the newest version ( 10.50 / 10.51? ). I think I remember a thread here, where numerous issues with the iXeg 737 where described after updating to 10.50, but cannot find it anymore. Is anyone having troubles with Xplane 10.50 / 10.51 in context with the 737? Best regards
  12. What Yoke do you utilize?

    Could you provide me with a link to the mod you've meant? Found several mods at google, all with different approaches. Thank you & best regards!
  13. Hi there. I'm curious which yokes are used most commonly here? I for myself use the Saitek Proflight Yoke, however I'm not really satisfied, as the yoke is pretty unprecise and mechanically not the best choice. Regards, T
  14. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    I've had these stutters too. I was using a GTX760 with 2GB, the stutters were extremely prominent and annoying. So I've upgraded to a GTX980 ( MSI ) with 4GB, which was a noticable improvement, however, stutters were still existant at complex Airports whilst operating in complex weather-situations ( Aerosoft EGLL and Skymaxx v3 plus RWC ). I've decided to return the GTX980 and upgraded to a GTX980ti with 6GB ( Manufacturer: Gigabyte ). This almost eliminated the stutters, they occur occasionally, however, these occurrences are rare and in most situations not a problem to me. However, I do observe that these stutters are evidently related to the IXEG 737, so I'm hoping that the team will find the cause for these hick-ups. Whilst the upgrade was a rather expensive solution, it did what it was supposed to do, so I stick to the 980ti now. I use "adaptive 1/2 refresh rate" and "Threaded Optimization OFF". These tweaks seem to be an absolute requirement. Best regards!
  15. Pitch moment during thrust-changes

    Hi Morten. I´m not quite sure if we´re talking about the same phenomenon: I believe, what you described ( and what I´ve tried again using the IXEG737 ) is a pitch-up moment caused by of the aircraft coming out of trim due to increasing IAS after thrust is being added. What I´ve meant is the pitch moment that comes due to the engines being mounted considerably below the C.G. This effect comes without delay and is much more prominent than the effect you´ve described. On the IXEG 737 it looks like this: when flying straight and level with the aircraft in a trimmed condition and thrust is being reduced, IAS is decreasing and a few seconds later, as a result of reduced speed, the attitude will decrease and the aircraft will start to descend since it came out of trim. Then, when adding power suddenly to max thrust, there´s initially no change in pitch attitude at all until the IAS has increased to a point when the aircraft comes out of trim again. From what I recall, the real thing would pitch-up almost instantly & simultaniously whilst thrust is being added and this effect is actually quite prominent. That´s the effect I meant. Is there technically a possibility to model this effect within X-Plane? Best regards, Thorsten