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    [Solved]Torque % Yellow Caution Color

    In the manual it does say that the yellow line/caution range is at 100% TRQ, and the maximum limit is at 101% TRQ, so yes, makes sense. The G1000 manual is from a TBM 850, which has a different torque range.
  2. BjornMa

    Throttle Taxi Rev setup in joystick

    You use the "Mixture rich a bit" and "Mixture lean a bit" commands to change between flight idle, high idle, low idle, and cutoff.
  3. Is there a point in doing a walk around of the aircraft, apart from removing the covers/chocks? Are you able to see if there is wear and tear to e.g. the tires? Obviously entering the Maintenance Manager shows you what needs to be repaired, but I feel it gives too much information for just a pre-flight (don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the feature, and I do my best to keep everything in the green). But can we expect a "walk around mode" or similar in the future? Not that it's super important, since there is already so much detail put into this aircraft, but it would add even more love and care to the TBM. Thank you!
  4. BjornMa

    Approach minima

    The manual says: Do not use autopilot in approach under 200 ft (60 m).
  5. BjornMa

    GPU click spot

    Which version are you running? This was fixed in v1.0.8
  6. BjornMa

    Question about the G1000 map mode

    Yeah, on the real G1000 you are able to set different fuel range times, and a lot more stuff. Hopefully they do implement more features on the G1000 sometime in the future
  7. BjornMa

    Question about the G1000 map mode

    I can only answer your last question; from the G1000 Manual: "The map can display a fuel range ring which shows the remaining flight distance. A dashed green circle indicates the selected range to reserve fuel. A solid green circle indicates the total endurance range. If only reserve fuel remains, the range is indicated by a solid yellow circle". Why it's not centered around the aircraft (as it should be):
  8. BjornMa

    Autopilot disconnect button for joystick

    tbm900/actuators/ap - Push AP/TRIM DISC switch
  9. BjornMa

    Nose Wheel Steering

    Check that you have the yaw damper off while taxiing.
  10. BjornMa

    Loading a SIm Brief .fms Flight Plan?

    It should still be there even if the TBM is loaded while adding it. Make sure you are in the "Flight Plan Catalog".
  11. BjornMa

    ITT off

    Where does it say 100.3%? The NG limit is 104.1% It does say in the manual that during climb, recommended NG is below 103% however.
  12. BjornMa

    [SOLVED] Cut off on final

    If your talking about the inertial separator, that is not true. I was cruising at FL220, and the throttle went to cut-off without me touching anything. The only thing the Inert. sep. does is keep FOD out of the engine, you could keep it on during the whole flight if you wanted/had to.
  13. BjornMa

    G1000 Auxiliary pages

    Hi. In the future, will we be able to get the AUX pages for trip, fuel and weight planning, etc? Thank you
  14. BjornMa

    Connecting two FPL waypoints

    So true! I have tried reading through the G1000 manual too, but I need to find the time to, cause there's a lot to read! It was just weird that the circle was not around the plane (bug?)
  15. BjornMa

    Cannot close rear door

    Have you tried walking back and closing it by pressing the button (and turning the handle)?