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    Newbie looking for help

    What I do sometimes, is fly the visual pattern. Then you get a lot of good training taking off, turning, maintaining altitude and speed, and of course, landing. Do touch and go. Use the autopilot if you need to, but note the N1, V/S (if climbing/descending), and so on. Do a lot of speed changes, climbs/descents. turns at different angles, and you will quickly get a good 'feel' of the plane. As for landings, experiment. Try flaring slowly at 50 ft, and go idle at 20 ft. Then flare later and later. Sometimes it helps looking down at the end of the runway to see how much you are pitching. Touch down, flaps 15, take off, and repeat. But don't focus too much on making the smoothest landing possible, but rather touching down within the touchdown zone. Good luck!
  2. BjornMa

    Engine clicking sound while windmilling

    I see, thank you for your quick replies!
  3. BjornMa

    Engine clicking sound while windmilling

    I understand! But after running some tests, at different wind speeds, I can see that the fan rotates at different speeds too. Is this an X-Plane thing, or IXEG?
  4. Hi! Not a big request (nor that important). But would it be possible, at one point, to add the typical clicking noise from the fan blades when they are windmilling or turning slowly at the ground? If it's even possible of course
  5. BjornMa

    Barely moving

    Thank you, Jan! Learning something new everyday in this beauty.
  6. BjornMa

    Barely moving

    Thank you guys! Possibly something wrong with the airport. Feels like taxiing through mud, lol. It does taxi normal at most other airports. I don't know why, but I tend to set the speed to V2+15.
  7. BjornMa

    Barely moving

    Hi So I updated to 1.21, and noticed that I need more thrust than usual to get her to move. As much as 42% N2 was needed to just keep her moving at steady speed (slightly uphill) in the image attatched. Airport is ENBR (Also, does the "older" engine switch between 1 and 2? Really slow respons from the left engine this flight, while another day it was the right engine)
  8. BjornMa

    Cruise bank angle

    Thank you, not that it matters that much, still a beauty to fly!
  9. BjornMa

    Cruise bank angle

    Hi there. At cruising altitude, does the real plane use 30 degrees bank during turns (using LNAV)? I feel that the turns are maybe a bit too tight? But then again, I haven't been in the real cockpit during flight, but from the "wing view" it seems that the real plane use less bank. Anyone have any thoughts/answers regarding this? Thank you.
  10. BjornMa

    Approach/Landing Procedures

    Thanks guys. Will do some reading and watching.
  11. Hi everybody! I was wondering, how do you guys fly your approach? Do you follow the STARs all the time (Every approach)? When do you lower the gear and flaps? I'm still trying to figure out a "standard", as my approach procedures are a bit random from time to time. Usually I lower the flaps to 15 and gear out at approximately 2500 ft above the field (Or at the radio altimeter call out). After that I just slowly slow down to a speed I feel flaps 30(40) should be lowered, then slow to landing speed. But the same goes to flaps 1 and 5. When do you lower them? Towards the Final Approach Fix / Downwind & Base? I'm still learning and hope to get some good replies.
  12. Hi Just wondering, at what N2% is it normal to turn the anti collision lights off after shutdown? (Read somewhere around 15%, correct?) Also, is there still a chance that ground personnel could get sucked in moments after shutdown? Reason I'm asking is because, I've seen personnel walk only a few feet away from the engine after shutdown, and for me it doesn't seem that safe since it's still rotating quite fast. Don't know how much "suction" it creates once no fuel is powering it. Thanks
  13. BjornMa

    Bleed air

    Well, I would guess. An easier way to explain it, is that; if the 5th stage can't deliver enough bleed air, then the 9th stage opens, to help.
  14. Hi "On ground, or in flight with the flaps not up, the ram door will move to the full open position for maximum cooling. The RAM DOOR FULL OPEN Light illuminates whenever the ram door is fully open". So that light is nothing to worry about And the sound (which I guess is a ding (like from when switching the Seat belt sign on or off)) is probably just from the plane "switching" it self on, but don't know why.