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  1. It's always neat to watch the controls in motion during replays. Can we get these animated as seen in the two video links? Also, I noticed in the videos the aileron balance tabs are on the inboard side of the aileron, but the "drawn in" depiction of the aileron balance tab is at the outboard side of the IXEG. Was this an option on some real life aircraft? https://youtu.be/GmgCHp9jRyE?t=180 https://youtu.be/zFMNmkB0bRk?t=162 https://youtu.be/5T7HoW6Qx-0?t=117 It would be fun to see these animations on the IXEG, as they already are on the RotateSim MD-88 & FlyJSim aircraft... Thanks!
  2. Hi Jan, I just wanted to bump this in hopes that this feature idea was added to the list. When flying online with clients such as PilotEdge, the controllers prefer we not pause the sim without permission, which is what happens when we have to go in X-Plane's menu to adjust the ATC volume. Volume adjustments are often necessary during the flight since some controllers have different output levels, and the volume needed to hear ATC during an initial clearance is often different than when climbing out and contacting departure with high power settings. Thank you.
  3. Torbinator

    Spoilers in replay Instantly Popping Up

    Hi guys, Thought I'd give this a bump hoping maybe some progress was made for the next update. Weird that the problem never happens with the other X-Plane airliners. Looking forward to the next update!
  4. Torbinator

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    Vijay, My gizmo tray was not deactivated, but I went to try Cameron's suggestion of deleting a file called Marker.1 anyway. The only files in the X-Aviation folder was Uninstall IXEG 737 Classicdat, XA_Uninstall.exe, and XA_Uninstall.data.
  5. Torbinator

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    I'm getting a similar situation. The initial loading is fine. This happens for me if I go to another aircraft and then back to the IXEG. Although, mine shows the pilot's head. Here's my screenshot:
  6. Torbinator

    X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    @Litjan, I am not courageous enough to modify any planes like the IXEG in plane maker! I was simply reporting the IXEG v1.2 performance in X-Plane 11.10b4 in comparison to how it performs in 11.05. When I fly it in 11.05, the trim values suggested for takeoff to put me on V2 +15 nicely. The amount of trim availability for cruise seems normal, and I've never run out of trim on landing when configured for VREF +5. If I take the IXEG v1.2 and fly it in XP 11.10b4, the trim values suggested for takeoff tends to put me well above the flight director suggestion and the speed bleeds off below V2 +15, requiring nose down trim. The amount of trim availability for cruise seems very close to full forward (close to 0 on the trim scale). On landing I seem to run out of nose down trim when configured for VREF +5. The aircraft is still controllable, I just need to keep a slight forward pressure on approach since I'm out of trim. I never thought to mess with it in plane maker. If there are any other specifics you would like me to report, I will gladly try to make those observations.
  7. Torbinator

    X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Okay, glad you guys are onto this because I noticed the same thing. I was frequently running out of nose down trim on approach, I also noticed obvious nose up pitching during my climb out just after takeoff.
  8. Hi guys, I clipped a video to show one of my landing replays to help highlight a bug where the spoilers pop up rather than deploy realistically. As many might agree, we like to watch landings on replay from various angles as we pretend to be airline pilots, and watching the spoilers deploy realistically adds to the enjoyment! I hope this video helps. It was made in XP 11.05, but this problem existed in XP 10.51 as well.
  9. Thank you, that is working better for me. Basically I'm letting N1 reach 40%, hitting my programmed key for Engage TOGA, then moving my physical throttle to the forward limit. Simulated throttle sets itself on the programmed takeoff thrust setting.
  10. Hi guys... Prior to v1.2, I would turn the A/T switch on, lineup on the runway, and when the time is right I would advance my throttles forward and hit the N1 button once going past 40% N1. However, on the past three takeoffs in v1.2, the N1 button disengages somewhere along the takeoff roll. If you click on the link below and fast forward to 1:01:30, you'll see what I mean. In this video, you'll even see that the throttle position indicator outline appears simultaneously to the N1 button deselecting itself. Not sure what I am doing wrong, unless there is a bug. Thank you for any tips and suggestions. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158871578
  11. Hi Jan, It seems as though the v1.2 IXEG 733 receiver switches have no impact on changing the ATC voice volume. The knob rotates, but no audio changes. I know the PilotEdge client now supports this feature, and the Rotate MD-80 allows this to work, so obviously it's doable. Can this feature be considered for the next update? Thank you.
  12. Ok, will check and report back. It will be a useful function to have
  13. Ooooopsie... User error on my part. I did not notice that moving the cursor onto the edge changed the cursor's appearance from a pointed finger hand icon, which switches the source on and off, to an open hand icon, which rotates the knob and changes the volume level. Moderators feel free to delete this thread.
  14. The PilotEdge ATC plugin now allows the user to adjust the volume of the ATC voices, as long as the comm's volume knob on the aircraft's panel can be rotated and supports it. I noticed on the v1.1 733 that the receiver switches could not be rotated, only clicked on and off. Can you please make these adjustable? Thanks!
  15. Torbinator

    [XP10/11]Push Back Problem

    Glad this was brought up. I'm in XP10 and the pushback right or left is not working for me either.