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  1. Jovabra

    No engine sound

    I have installed the latest update but i have no sounds in the cockpit. If i open the cockpit door and start the groundpower unit i can hear it. If i closed the door no sound, only some cracking sound. Same if i started the engine and the engine is active. Is there a sort of mute funtion. I have no sound problems with other aircraft. Regards
  2. Jovabra

    [SOLVED] Force Feedback Yoke problem

    Hi Mark, I have the BRUNNER yoke so what is your problem with the trim function in this aircraft. For example; i have only trouble withe the ZIBO mod 737-800. If i disconect the Auto Pilot the aircraft is total out of trim. If i disconnect the AP the aircraft dives like a jetfighter. Regards
  3. Jovabra

    G1000/FPLN tutorial videos

    English version.
  4. Hi Litjan, All different Boeing fight sims (X-plane and FSX-Prepar3/4D) i have are working i mention. This flightsim is the only different one. Thanks for your reply. Regards
  5. Hi all, In the most B737 aircrafts you can check your inserted route in the MAP display via the STEP function in the LEG page before the INS is completely aligned. To check the route you must to wait.even when the HSI rotary switch is in the PLAN position. For me this is a abnormal situation if i compare it with other Boeing sim's Regards Jo va Bra
  6. Jovabra

    [Solved] Engines problem XP11

    What is your problem? Jo va bra
  7. Jovabra

    Gizmo crash on landing

    About Roll Rate and Bank angle limit. Normally the the roll rate depends on IAS and the difference in actual and the next heading. All done for passenger comfort. Little heading difference than a slow and smooth rollrate with a limited bank angle and therefore a previous start of the roll command. Only in the 30 deg position. It's a sort of automatic position. Different flight phase different bank angle. And of cours you need a faster and greater bank angle/roll rate during the intercept of the localizer beam . Regards John
  8. Jovabra

    Throttletek / Opencockpits MCP

    I am also a happy owner of the Brunner CLS yoke and i like it very much. It needs some fine tuning for different aircraft types. If you have any suggestions pls let me know. I have also ordered the brake/rudder pedals. Regards John
  9. Cameron did you read my story about: "After update strange instruments display"! Is there any solution about this weird problom Regards John
  10. Jovabra

    Message from a real 737 pilot

    How do real 737 pilots perform a flightcontrol check during the prefight or is this a job for the groundmechanic. Are they going out of the cockpit, i don't think so. 90% of the airliners aircraft have a surface position indicator even the old 747-100/200/300. I'm missing this sort of indication in the this 737. Next update maybe?
  11. Jovabra

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    Jim, I downloaded the latest installer from X-Aviation. The zip-file nr is 1.02, So far so good. The installation program found an other installed 737 and ask me for a complete uninstall. I conformed. Everything installed fine, but when you check the version number of the software in the FMC you find version 0.8??? If i checked for a earlier update in version 1.01 (for example) they removed the option to select "Verbal Flap Callouts" in the preference menu. But in my 0.8 version still available. I.o.w i installed a older version i.s.o. the latest one. How is that possible? Regards
  12. Jovabra

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    Nils, Removed the plugins, no result. Keep in mind that version nr 1. working normal. First update working normal and now the second update is the problem. I did not installed other plugins or programs after the 737. If i uninstalled the 737 and performed a clean instal of the first one everythings works normal. I have also an Imac cmptr and installed in the mean time the 737 and performed also the latest update. Everything workes normal. In my Window10 cmptr i see in the cockpit a captain and the first officer sitting in there seats. It's looking very weird and they disturbed the vieuw of the instruments.
  13. Jovabra

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    I disabled my antivirus and firewall and performand again a successful hotfix download (84 files) and installation. See picture. See my log files for further investigations. Regards Cycle Dump.txt Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  14. Jovabra

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    Morten, I loaded the 767-300 and the Airfoillabs 172 and all looking/working normal. It is also impossible to rotate and activated any kind of switches/knobs. All are frozen. Aircraft is complete unusable. I moved the aircraft to the hangar for a complete overhaul and in the meantime i used my "spare" 767-300 plane. On the picture you can see the complete misalignment of the engine indicators. Regards John Ps; Is it possible to remove the unwanted members in the cockpit? :-)
  15. Jovabra

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    M, I re-downloaded again a new file from X-Aviation. It looks that it is updated to version1.02. The zip file name is also 1.02. i performed a new install and during the installation they removed the old one. Everything looks normal BUT you can read in the FMC the version of the installed software. The installed software gives V0.8. In my opinion there is a wrong and old file in the X-Aviation software shop. After update again to 1.02 same problem happend. Regards John