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  1. XPJavelin

    Strange behaviour since X-Plane 11.32R2

    You're right in submitting a bug report. You should update to Son 11.40.
  2. XPJavelin

    Help !!! fps low

    Yes indeed, it's here and you cannot open them.
  3. This aircraft focuss on non basic stuff. You speak of freeware airplane, but none of 'hem has correct electrical circuit nor correct pressurization modelling you know. Regarding Speed Intervention, take a look at the history of the 737, it has been an optionnal feature before newest model numbers. The HOLD, regarding the HOLD, if you are a pilot, you know how to do this, or you can use CWS to be helped. This add-on is a "model", an accurate modellisation of a lot of things. You have to accept that even in the best science laboratory, we use models to represent in a a simplified form the complexicity of life and machines. I was once in a laboratory that published papers only in Science and Nature. Well, we published in top-level journals, but didn''t have perfect models, we had good-enough approximations of what we wanted to show. See the IXEG Classic as a scientific model (that's the case, it was produced by engineers, not aircraft geeks), that should do the trick.
  4. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    Hi, it's not a bug, it's a feature ;-) The option button at the bottom is a new feature in the version 5.0. If you are a developper, it can be hidden, so that you then will only be able to toggle the options menu via the FlyWihLua menu. For that, you have to open the code, scroll to the end (GUI) and locate the "Options" window frame. You can adjust to your desired size and position (for instance outside of your screen). But that's for developpers only, people who know the Lua code, as it is not documented in the PDF. For people who master FlyWithLua : From : function OPTION_BUTTON(OPTION_WINDOW, x, y) -- THE BUTTON imgui.SetWindowFontScale(1) imgui.Bullet() imgui.TextUnformatted(Current_title) if imgui.Button("[Options]",250,27) or IXEG_FWL_MenuCall then IXEG_FWL_MenuCall = false app_is_active = true float_wnd_set_geometry(OPTION_WINDOW, 200, 820, 900, 200) float_wnd_set_imgui_builder(OPTION_WINDOW, "OPTION_MENU") end end Change that line to your liking : float_wnd_set_geometry(OPTION_WINDOW, 200, 820, 900, 200) But I won't provide more support because of other projects. Hope that helps.
  5. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    If you wish, I have published the beta version 0.9 of Speedy Copilot for the FlyJSim 732 Twinjet in the utilities.
  6. I would check the FCOM charts and do it manually...
  7. XPJavelin

    Transition omg Where???

    To begin, if you are unsure and if you are not flying online, you can also add a STAR, then direct to the IF of your approach procedure, without transition, as a starter.
  8. XPJavelin

    Transition omg Where???

    Stars are WGS-84 waypoints and the transition here will be called CK901 if it begins at waypoint CK901 for instance. But in some case, the name of the transition can differ from the name of the initial fix of the transition. In Paris LFPO, the transition starting at MOLBA to West-faced ILS or RNP APCH at LFPO is called MOLBA5W. For reference, this is how the different paths to ILS 02L RNAV at ZUCK look on the LIDO chart:
  9. XPJavelin

    Transition omg Where???

    If you feel uncertain about charts depiction and you fly mostly airliners, maybe you could also try the german charts provided by Aerosoft NavDataPro (LIDO charts well suited for airline type of flying, less GA-friendly). There are less charts to crawl in in LIDO than in Jeppesen. As a consequence it's simple. One day access is €3.02 in my country.
  10. XPJavelin

    Transition omg Where???

    Hi, the transition is usually the link from the Initial Approach Fix to the Initial Fix (IF) Well, take for instance ZUCK, the growing airport of the economical area of Chonqing, central China. Take a look at the chart. The transitions to the ILS Z 02 L RNAV are CK900, CK701, CK705, CK513 and CK901. If you are inbound to ILS Z 02L RNAV from QiJang, your flight plan will be QJG3J then (look at the "natural" IAF for you from QGJ) transition CK705 to ILS Z 02L RNAV. But If I use the STAR PROC 2J, don't choose CK705, because this waypoint is not on the PROC 2J path. The later ends at CK900. Select Transition CK900 to ILS Z 02L. It's easier with FZOA in Congo. The RNP 18 has 3 transitions : BEMED ABUGI DETRI. If you use ROPIM1A STAR, your trnsition is ABUGI If you fly the TUXAN 1A, your transition is DETRI.
  11. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    good to know !! I am in the final process of bringing this new GUI to Speedy Copilot for FFA320 too.
  12. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    Hi, do you confirm having Lfy With Lua 2.7.11 NG ? edit : yes you did, sorry. At that time, I have no idea, sorry, I don"t have this error. For information I've got XP 11.26. Lua 2.7.11 NG
  13. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    Thank you , let's hope there is not too much bugs in 5.0 ;-)
  14. I have integrated it and now we have Speedy Copilot 5. It is a great contribution !
  15. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    Version 5.0 from 2019-02-02 * TonyVier contributed with the idea and material for a new graphical user interface. His great suggestion was reworked and added. * Tuning the copilot volume is now possible. * Tuning the In Flight Entertainment volume is now possible for when the cockpit door is open. * Options are also saved on the fly now : no more need to edit a file to save persistent options. * Current status is displayed at the bottom of the screen. * Speeds bugs are adjusted for VREF on approach, not only for departure now. * V2 call is silenced as it is not said.