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  1. After updating to 0.6 the aircraft is starting descent too soon, making me fly a long way on leveled flight, before completing the approach.
  2. Thanks for your help. Tried again and it seems to be off. Could you please report when it's back?
  3. I've pasted exactly the code on the first page, and after clicking on update, the console opens, and then gives me this warning. Any idea of whats happening?
  4. Having this when trying to update:
  5. I reinstalled the plane now. Do I have to insert each code (sent by email), or can I just put the last code (1.0.5) and it will download all the files since update 1?
  6. Galeno

    CTD after cycling throught FMS pages

    How do update these files? About the views, no, I'm using Xplane default view system (by saving the cameras on the numpad keys).
  7. I don't know if this is happening because of KLAS scenery or not, but this is the second CTD I get after checking the CRZ page on the FMS and going back to the LEGS. I switch back the view to the Captain's position and XPL crashes. Sorry to say that, but I'm giving up on flying IXEG.
  8. Galeno

    GPWS isn't playing any sound

    Actually I think it's happening after opening Tug Master.
  9. Galeno

    GPWS isn't playing any sound

    Maybe I figured out what may be... I loaded the plane, tested the overspeed clac, and it was ok. Then, I opened XSquawkbox, joinned a voice room at Vatsim, and the overspeed sound was mute again.
  10. Galeno

    [1.0.5] Repeat Hard Crashes

    I had 5 sequenced crashes. Took of from SAN, after 10 or 15 minutes, CTD... Tried a lot of stuff (removed all custom sceneries - but SAN), removed all addon liveries. The last atempt I removed MisterX scenery, and voilá. So, a reminder: do not install KSAN. All Mister X work is great, but SAN has some kind of issue.
  11. Galeno

    GPWS isn't playing any sound

    Hey guys. My GPWS isn't playing any sounds. I can't hear the height callouts on approach, neither the overspeed "clac", when running the system test on the upper overhead.
  12. Galeno


    Nicely done! Thanks, pal!
  13. Thanks @pinco58 and @Litjan!
  14. Hi guys, I'm facing problems with XUIPC and IXEG again. When I use a trim down button the simulator pause. This problem don't shows up without XUIPC. Regards,
  15. Thank you guys! Classic working like a charm!