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  1. I have been playing around with some settings and it appears that Vulkan may have been the problem. I turned it off and flew for about 15 minutes in heavy clouds with no problems. I'll report back if anything changes. Udate: I just installed Skymaxx Pro 5.0. I turned Vulkan back on and got no flashing. Problem seems resolved.
  2. I set cloud shadows, cloud reflections, lens flare, terrain blend, crepuscular rays all to 0.
  3. I am currently running Sky Maxx Pro 4.9 and Real Wx Connector 1.2 with Active Sky for X plane. I have run into a very odd problem. I am getting flashes in the cockpit view when flying through heavy clouds. I have not seen this occur in any external view. When I turn off SMP the problem stops. I tried turning down the cloud draw distance and turning off all non essential feature such as terrain blending etc but that did not help. I also tried turning off ASXP and using default wx. I do not see this problem except with heavy cloud cover. In benign conditions things look ok. I have no idea
  4. Back in business. I simply forgot to change my pre flight settings after I reinstalled.
  5. I just had to reinstall the IXEG 300. However, now the engines are not running when I try and do a hot start. I also noticed that the the low oil pressure light was on. Edit: I just tried to start the plane in a cold & dark state. It looked the same as it did when I tried to do a hot start. I had lights, and screens were lit.
  6. I am interested in the TBM 900. Are the maintenance and failure engines always on or can they be turned off if desired. Also is Navigraph support provided ? Finally is a start with engines running possible ?
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