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    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    Agree - totally looking forward to intro of the DC-6, whether an A a C or a 6B. I worked for an airline that operated five 6B's and flew in them often. Just a musing, passing comment: the navigator (these were LORAN days!), sat behind a radio rack just aft of the F/O. It seems he would have been adjacent the RH forward service door that the LOWI-ramp video shows as storage site for the collapsible stairs - thus no room for the navigator. For that matter, our 6B's didn't have self-contained, collapsible stairs. Beautiful detail. Intrigued with how the FMC/nav functionality was accommodated and is modeled. Even the thought of FD's/AP's would have been beyond the pale then ... VOR's were a recent development.
  2. ScreamingBreeze

    X-Plane Performance and Bottlenecks?

    Shadows are referenced in this string. I hadn't been paying attention to shadows at all. Had a nasty time with the Carenado Malibu on start-up: The panel was so dark, I was having to go to 3-D View, which allows scrolling down, to find lighting knobs. If I wanted to do without 3D, such as quickly loading and shooting a 3 mile or 10 mile approach to a new airport, I couldn't see VS or much of anything. Stumbled upon and completely turned off shadows in Rendering, and that problem is solved. Another, actually more annoying problem has been course changes - now you see the panel and whatever you're looking for inside the aircraft (e.g., landing lights, the ability to double-check whether flaps are extended, etc.), now you don't. As shadows are thrown over the cockpit, you're suddenly IMC in the cockpit!! Mentioning in the event anyone experiences problems with dark panels, sudden dark silhouettes in cockpit - probably due shadows being enabled.
  3. ScreamingBreeze

    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    Really? Such Neanderthal posts with the gutter language are accepted here? I for one would be thrilled to download, pay for, a DC-6 X-Plane product.
  4. ScreamingBreeze

    P180 Instrument Settings

    I like the aircraft specs, but ... after the better part of an hour, I'm unable to find: a) the throttle setting/knob. so far, the only way to control throttles has been to advance/retard them manually on the flight display, there don't appear to be any associated knobs/setting devices for changing nav source (VOR/ADF) headings, and the only course selector i find that works is the small button/actuator immediately right of the flap actuator c) what the heck are those unlabelled things between the throttles and flap actuators? Would appreciate input! T/tebaho@gmailcom
  5. ScreamingBreeze

    Cirrus Altitude Setting Exceeded

    Though VSI shows zero/level flight and AP altitude achieved, am continually experiencing Cirrus SF50 climb through target flight levels. When arrested (AP disconnect), porpoising often results with wild pitch swings that diminish only gradually. Anyone else experienced this? Suggestions? Thanks.
  6. ScreamingBreeze

    C172 Pitch Stability

    Have same problem with wild, continual pitch swings that diminish gradually and may suddenly reoccur. Have been trying to isolate what control surface/power settings or AP changes prompt this, to no avail. Weather conditions are at zero, all sliders left. Suspect this might be a processor problem. Will shortly be moving from X-Plane 9 on a four year old MacBookPro to X-Plane 10 and a new, faster MacBookPro with more RAM. You can almost get air sick just watching the screen pitch up and down!
  7. ScreamingBreeze

    New to X-Plane

    Good stuff - thanks for the Paul Jordan tutorial info.