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  1. Well I am just completing my 2nd flight of the evening in XP11. 1st was LEPA - EGNM and now EGNM - LFMN The whole experience has been fantastic. Followed the thread to make the mods in planemaker and she starts up and taxis beautifully. I know this is far from a full XP11 version but I just wanted to say thank you guys. Keep up the great work. Will try in XP10 tomorrow
  2. Hi There, Try the attached. I find the data pretty accurate, the planned ZFW & TOW are almost spot on when the aircraft is loaded with the fuel from the PFPX generated flight plan. I have been using it since I got this bird and never had an issue. Hope this helps Richard IXEG 737.txt
  3. IXEG 737 and Ground handling

    I have no issues whatsoever with GHD either
  4. FOV Settings

    Sorry I was having a brain fart yesterday lol
  5. FOV Settings

    Thanks for the reply, Was that setting a typo ? 7556, Can you even set the FOV to this? Richard
  6. FOV Settings

    Thanks Jan Is the purpose of the white marker a reference point for taxiing and for final approach?
  7. FOV Settings

    Thanks for the reply, I tried a FOV of 80 and I think I have got it, I must have missed that one lol I can now see a small white marker by the windscreen wiper from the regular position, is this correct? I hope so because it sure makes hitting the centre line when landing a hell of a lot easier lol Richard
  8. FOV Settings

    Hi All, I wonder if you can help me, I can never quite get the FOV and positioning inside the cockpit quite right. I have messed around so much I am a bit lost lol I am running a 42" LED TV with a 1920 X 1080 resolution and a current FOV setting of 90. How does the attached screenshot look? I am not sure how much I should be able to see while sitting in the captains seat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. CO Routes

    I guess I could try PFPX but I think due to issues some people were seeing the developers stopped all imports of coroutes
  10. CO Routes

    No response from the dev? Shame
  11. SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    Thank you, By going into this screen and adjusting the visibility slider are you not then disabling real world weather? I assume it takes the last weather snapshot for where you are then applies to the rest of the world
  12. SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    I am sick at the moment so my brain isn't functioning properly so sorry for the stupid question but how do you reduce the visibility to 25nm in Xplane? I have a pretty decent system but whenever I touch the draw distance in SMP beyond 2,500km I run into FPS issues
  13. CO Routes

    Hi All, I was wondering when we will be able to start importing flight plans again from applications like PFPX? I know there were some issues resulting in this not being available but I never had any issues and would like to be able to use the generated flight plans once again Regards Richard
  14. SMP 3.3 Won't Install

    Hi Cameron, Sorry I was just about to post but you beat me too it, It was my stupid internet provider. Apparently there was static on my line reducing my 100mb/s download speed to less than 1mb/s !! I could not download the 737 Classic either. After a call to them they did some tests and confirmed there was an issue. Everything has now downloaded and installed. Thank you for the prompt reply Richard
  15. SMP 3.3 Won't Install

    Hi, I just got back from vacation and tried to install the lates version of SMP. I have tried 3 times now and each time when downloading the latest core files the installer just hangs, This time I only got to 2500 KB before the progress just stopped and the connection times out. Any ideas what is going on? Now my IXEG 737 will not load properly !. The aircraft loads with no preference menu and now I have 2 very badly drawn pilots sitting in the cockpit. Wish I had never started this ! Regards Richard