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  1. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Not nearly. I know what you are thinking though ... I feel the same
  2. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Wow! I like that even the windows are cut out in the fuselage!
  3. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Look at the first post
  4. I apologize

    I just want to take a moment to apologize for my actions in this topic regarding the post I made earlier today. Next time I will do better
  5. Default 737 Wingview

    Just saw XP11PB2 come out; shame they didn't include QL support
  6. Default 737 Wingview

    Lol, humans make mistakes sometimes
  7. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Well, why not?
  8. Default 737 Wingview

    Well I got the wingview (with X-Camera), it looks exactly like the PMDG NGX wing .
  9. Default 737 Wingview

    Is this for X-Camera? I don't mind using it if I have to.
  10. Default 737 Wingview

    What a shame since the MD-80 has an interior
  11. Sad to see that the Default 737 won't let us have a wingview , is there any alternative besides using the x737 or the X-Camera plugin?
  12. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    This will kill every 777 (including FlightFactor) for X-Plane when its released because of its looks! Wonderful!!
  13. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    "I'm out"
  14. QPAC A320 3D Cockpit/3D Upgrade

    Where does WombatBoy state that the project is dead? Maybe have some optimism?