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  1. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Welcome to the forum. Please read the first post next time before asking this type of question. Cheers.
  2. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Umm... are you saying the plane is bad? Cause by no means is the XP10 default 747 a good aircraft for today's standards. And also, the people here work on their own time frame, so don't expect a release too soon, 4 months isn't a lot of time.
  3. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Oh come on @Peter T.! This is just getting ridiculous! (I mean that in the best way possible).
  4. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    @Peter T. You know what? As long as it kinda looks correct, it's decent (at least by my standards); but if it's like the Heinz 787 (not even close), then that's another story .
  5. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Hey @Peter T., I know you guys are disappointed at the fact that you aren't able to bring good avionics into your planes, but please, don't be so negative. It's okay to say that we can't bring you the best of what's out there, but it's not comfortable to anyone to hear you guys talk about your project as being bad. In fact, you are motivating yourself to neglect the project even more if that is going to be your attitude for the rest of the project(s). I know this might sound like I'm bad mouthing the project (which I'm not), but I only wish for you to do the best, despite your possible limitations. Keep a good spirit! Regards. - Yann
  6. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    It's on Aerobridge Studio's facebook page.
  7. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Love the OH Panel!!!
  8. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Does that mean that it will be payware?
  9. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Not nearly. I know what you are thinking though ... I feel the same
  10. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Wow! I like that even the windows are cut out in the fuselage!
  11. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Look at the first post
  12. I apologize

    I just want to take a moment to apologize for my actions in this topic regarding the post I made earlier today. Next time I will do better
  13. Default 737 Wingview

    Just saw XP11PB2 come out; shame they didn't include QL support
  14. Default 737 Wingview

    Lol, humans make mistakes sometimes
  15. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Well, why not?