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  1. MartinJ

    OBS mode

    Hi, thank you for your reply. That is exactly where I expected to OBS label to be. However the functionality seems to be missing in the TBM (field is empty). The SUSP labels appears at that spot when you expect it to but after pressing the corresponding soft key the field is just empty. Is that a bug? Take care, Martin
  2. MartinJ

    OBS mode

    Hi, first of all thank you for this great aircraft. I have a quick question for you: how can I activate OBS mode to temporarily disable automatic flight plan sequencing? Thank you. Take care, Martin
  3. Hi Jad, happy new year to you too and thanks for your comment. It's a little funny that you mention SSW because I actually was one of their beta testers back then. When SSW came up with their first screenshots I was already working on my own freeware A306/A310 project for FS9 along with some friends. Our group was called HNAC and if you are old enough you might remember the awesome A306 panel which was created by Simon Toppmann. Anyway SSW had a great interior model (I still remember some of their great renderings) but was lacking an appropriate exterior model. So they eventually bought o
  4. Modeling and texturing of the overhead panel: done.
  5. Thanks for your interest in my project. As you can see from the screenshots the project is still in a very early phase. The priority at the moment is getting the modelling of the 3D cockpit ready, so any decisions regarding dates or eye candies haven't even made it on my list yet.
  6. I'm glad you like it. Parenthood is awesome actually, thanks for asking. And thanks to German law I'm at home for the next 4 months (paid ) to raise my daughter while my wife returns to her former job.
  7. Hi WR269, you're absolutely right. The A310 is equipped with an alpha-floor-protection and also some other means of overstress protection such as a thrust limit protection. When I read 'Airbus fbw laws' I was thinking of features such as constant pitch and constant role, which don't apply to the classic Airbus fleet. Cheers, Martin
  8. Hi boeingair, the A310 as well as the various A300 types aren't equipped with fly-by-wire or any form of flight-envelopement-protection. Instead they offer a classic hydro-mechanical linkage between the flight controls and the control surfaces. Fly-by-wire was first introduced with the A320 although there has been an A300 equipped with sidesticks which Airbus used as flying testbed. Take care, Martin
  9. Thank you guys for your kind words. Fortunately my daughter is a good sleeper so after putting her to bed and spending the rest of the evening with my wife there's a daily slot of maybe 1 to 1,5 hours to work on the Airbus before I finally go to bed. There're already a few more panels ready since my last post so stay tuned for some more screenshots.
  10. Sorry for the delayed answer. The project is definitely not dead it's just progressing at a slower pace at the moment. The reason for that is my newly born daughter who takes up nearly all of my and my wife's time. For those of you still interested in the project I attached a picture showing the current status of the overhead panel. Please feel free to leave a comment if you like. Take care Martin
  11. Dear CZ and Jan, thank you both for taking the time to shed some light on my question. Your answers really help and information from professionals like you guys is always highly appreciated by desktop pilots like me. Kind regards from EDDC Martin
  12. Thank you both for your explanations. And this is exactly how I enter routes into the FMS. Take KSAN for example: when approaching from the northwest HUBRD1 is a good choice. Together with its transition LAX my STAR begins at LAX and ends at TORIE. During descent ATC tells me which runway to expect for landing so this is the point where I'd like to enter the runway with its approach transition. So the question to the experts is: if you need to enter a runway prior to activating the STAR how do you know which runway to choose before you arrive at the airport? Especially when METAR
  13. Hi Jan, none that I know of. Here's a list of all the plugins installed: AutoGate DataRefEditor Gizmo RealWeatherConnector SkyMaxxPro So your SP and CLR keys make a click sound? BTW: Remember that I told you that I'm not hearing the altitude warning sound? Turns out that it does play, but it's barely noticeable with the aircon sound cranked up to max.... Concerning the missing STAR transition: the transition should show up even without a runway selected, shouldn't it? Thanks Martin
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