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  1. xterminator24

    Pitch Control Not Working

    I had the same issue on a my 3rd flight @lehbird. I was actually feathering the prop and gliding to try lose altitude and get back to my departure airport. It was quite a challenge. In my case, I had a tail strike on departure due to me advancing the throttles way too quickly with a fully loaded plane. I did a wheelie and tail hit the ground. I took off anyway which was a really bad idea. In my case I had broken the elevator linkage, rudder linkage, and poked a hole in the fuselage. It was an expensive day.
  2. xterminator24

    Ground Handling Issues

    A couple of things I noticed on my last couple of flights - If you load more weight in the plane, it's a bit easier to deal with on the ground - Make sure the rudder trim is set to the green mark as others have mentioned - Increase the TRQ to about 40% with your feet on the brakes, release the brakes with forward pressure on the yoke, let the plane accelerate a little bit, then move the throttle forward slowly. Doing this allows you to make small adjustments with the rudder and keep up with the change in power rather than it coming all of a sudden. - Maintain some forward pressure on the yoke during the entire takeoff roll. Plane seems easier to control for me with a small amount of forward pressure (most likely not a real world procedure but it works to counter the effect in the sim for me) - Lastly is rotate slowly at Vr speed. If you pull back the yoke too hard, the left wing will drop pretty significantly. If you rotate smoothly, let it gain some speed with a very shallow climb at first, it won't have that left roll tendency. I have MFG Crosswind rudder pedals which are very sensitive but also very precise. More than likely there's a big difference in what the handling feels like when you use different hardware setups.
  3. xterminator24

    CH rudder directional control

    I've got MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. Sensitivity on Yaw is set to 5%. Closer to the left you are, the more linear control you have. I always found that when I move those sliders to the right, I start having to make larger control inputs and find it harder to control. It is sensitive and could most likely be tuned but I've watched a number of Twitch streams with planes moving all over the runway and they didn't add any rudder trim before takeoff roll.
  4. xterminator24

    CH rudder directional control

    What I've been doing is on the MFD, there's an indication of your trim settings. I ensure that the elevator trim is set on the green notch. Then I ensure rudder trim is set on the green notch. It takes a lot of right rudder trim. Once those are set, the takeoff roll is pretty stable. Just have to apply very minor rudder input to track the centerline.
  5. xterminator24

    X Camera conflicts

    I also use X-Camera but use a map a key to the custom command to toggle XCamera on and off. I do this to take advantage of the TrackIR support in XCamera while still allowing myself to use x-plane’s quick look feature.
  6. xterminator24

    Weird autopilot behavior

    You ran out of airspeed and stalled. The reason based on the gauges (in video 2) appears to be that you have no torque. That indicates you over-stressed the engines earlier in the flight. Once that happens, you aren’t going to recover. Make sure you stay within operating (green range) on all gauges at all times. Not doing so will lead to failures.
  7. xterminator24

    How to avoid reverse thrust with CH Throttle Quad?

    I'd certainly like to see an option for this too. Unfortunately, hardware out there isn't sophisticated enough to have a custom detent on where the ground idle is. I'd prefer to see some sort of toggle button that you'd have to use to jump below ground idle as a compromise. I'm assuming that pilots in the real world would be able to tell throttle position based on "feel" which we lose with our simulator hardware. My preference: throttle axis idle corresponds to GND Idle Map a toggle button of some sort (There's a "toggle reverse thrust" in X-Plane already) When you use the toggle reverse thrust, the throttle goes below the GND idle point advancing the hardware throttle now advances the throttle further below the GND Idle point Return the hardware throttle to idle Press the toggle button again to return to GND idle My hardware is currently a Thrustmaster T16000m FCS.
  8. xterminator24

    1.5 xp11, can't steer on the ground

    Only a few topics down on this forum
  9. xterminator24

    More CTD with 1.5 on taxi.

    Cudos to you @Goran_M for reaching out. In the end, a solution becomes beneficial for everyone. Truly hope you find a workable solution that doesn’t take a ton of time, work, or money. If you need another set of testing hands, I’m willing to help out and have reproduced the crash with great frequency. Good luck!
  10. xterminator24

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    I've been OK with taxi after startup but have been encountering no nosewheel steering upon landing. It seems like the steering tiller isn't pushed in after dropping the landing gear. Then when trying to engage it, it won't push down. I normally have to come to a complete stop, and then put the throttles to GND IDLE. Once I do that, the tiller seems to engage. I'm not sure if that is normal but it's definitely different than how I remember it working. I'll try to pay some extra attention to things on my next flight to see if I can figure out if it's something I'm doing.
  11. xterminator24

    X-Plane 11.10 frequent crashes

    I'm having the same issue with the Saab. Also running xEnviro. For me, the hydraulic pump was running constantly and wasn't cycling. If I used the Override switch for the hydraulics and then switched back to Auto, the pump sound would stop. Once it cycled again, the sound looped constantly. Eventually the flight ended in a simulator crash. It should be noted that my setup has had issues with Gizmo-based aircraft dating back to X-Plane 10. Both the Saab and the IXEG have always resulted in crashes to desktop which I haven't been able to solve. I don't doubt it's a plugin conflict of some sort, but I'm not keen on having to run 2 different copies of the my simulator to correct an issue with certain products not playing nice. Here are my logs. debug.log stack_trace.txt Log.txt METAR.rwx GizmoLog.txt xEnviroLog.txt
  12. Flight Route: KPDX/28L HRMNS5 HRMNS J189 AVE J1 LAX COMIX1 KSAN/27 Latest NAVData from Navigraph. Version: 1.1 There were a few issues with this route. First issue was with the STAR COMIX1. As reported in a detailed post on a previous version, the IXEG doesn't interpret some NAVData correctly when it comes to altitude restrictions which completely messes up the descent profile. On this flight I fixed them but I don't think the real aircraft would put the restrictions in the way it is done... On this STAR COMIX1, the restrictions at LEJEN and COMIX are wrong when the arrival is selected in the FMC. They enter as 19000A and 15000A respectively which is wrong. I adjusted these restrictions manually to conform with the STAR. I experienced a hold issue after I went around. I started a hold at SARGS as per the approach procedure for KSAN RNAV 27 Z. The hold entry seemed incorrect when in LNAV mode. From my understanding this should have resulted in a teardrop entry into the hold. Instead, it tried to make a huge sweeping left turn when it arrived at the published hold at SARGS. It appeared to be trying to capture the flight path as if I just flew over SARGS from the 095 heading when I was entering the hold from the complete opposite direction. I manually flew the hold using HDG mode. Once in the hold, I was attempting to re-select an approach procedure as I was in complete IMC and going to try the approach again. I clicked on DEP/ARR followed by selecting KSAN ARR button and was greeted with a Gizmo soft crash. This rendered many of the plane's features inoperable - map display modes were broken, map distance selector was broken, most FMC functions were broken. After trying several things I had a myriad of Gizmo errors within the popup console. Attached is my log.txt, gizmo log, and IXEG_FMS_debug.txt Log.txt GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  13. xterminator24

    Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    Thanks @Ben Russell I did a bunch of playing around and I think I've figured out the source of my crashes. It appears to be something in X-FMC. I did read that there was some incompatibilities between the GNS530 (which is in the Saab) and XFMC at one point in time. I thought it was resolved in the version I'm using but it appears there is still something strange happening even though the plugin isn't actively being used. I was able to fly for hours this afternoon without a crash. Now I need to check my IXEG and see if the random (much less frequent) crashing I had with that may have been related too.
  14. xterminator24

    Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    I also noticed that there is a "Cycle Dump.txt" file that seems to get written to at the time of the crash. If I open it, it looks like it was in the middle of a write and abruptly stopped. Cycle Dump.txt
  15. xterminator24

    Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    I'm trying to get back into flying the Saab 340A after shelving it for a while. I am getting consistent crashes to desktop. They are happening at random times, sometimes after only a few minutes, other times it takes up to an hour. In an attempt to fix the issue, I re-installed the Saab 340 yesterday. As a test, I loaded into the simulator, started the engines and left it running at the gate, after about 40 minutes I got the crash to desktop. I did read a previous thread on some known issues with the xSaitek Panel plugin so I removed that but the result was the same crash to desktop after some time. My simulator runs pretty rock solid with all of my other airplanes, but there are 2 in my hangar that cause crashes to desktop - the Saab A340 and the IXEG 737. The 737 isn't nearly as frequent, but it is still annoying enough that I don't fly it very often. I'm hoping someone can shine some light on what may be going on so that I can get both the Saab and IXEG running solid like my other payware. Attached is my log.txt, Gizmo log, crash report, and the crash dump. Thanks for any help you can give me. I have to think I've got some mis-configuration with Gizmo, or a conflict of some type but I've been unable to track it down after hours and hours of removing plugins and reinstallations. Thanks! Log.txt GizmoLog.txt crash_report_01_16_2017_15_38_15.rpt 64a6c700-af0d-4947-96a3-b28b86c04487.dmp