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  1. trevg

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Love to get her out of the hangar again any thoughts when SOON will happen with the update 1.5.2, yea I know, soon.
  2. trevg

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    SAAB 340A now operating on NZ routes now. A repaint for this would be good. https://www.airchathams.co.nz/our-story/fleet/saab340
  3. trevg

    RWC dropping vis down to 10mile

    Only 3 weather reporting stations active for NZCH NZWN NZAA.. Your closest one is NZCH for 45 South, NZOH did a few years back as well.
  4. trevg

    RWC dropping vis down to 10mile

    Not to forget the only local weather you will get is from NZCH.
  5. trevg

    Been working great

    Thanks Frank, I have clocked up a few hours with that combo so it took me by surprise. Other than the default 172 been waiting until more stable beta is released for other aircraft. When it crashed I had the GPZ running on another screen showing my standard use of between 6.9 and 7.6 of vram and FPS were around standard between 30 and 40 and card is running 54 degrees. On average the GPU usage is showing less than 50%.CPU no problem and Ram is not stretched. Enjoying my new clouds anyway, you guys have done a great job, Thanks. warning about being in trimmed - Happened about 3 minutes later as I were grabbing my screens when another earth quake shook the place, I'll put it down to that in the meantime getting sick of them. I'll keep on with present settings and make sure I descend in a more orderly fashion and see if it occurs again. Enjoy your new year.
  6. trevg

    Been working great

    On Approach to EGPF, small problem on descent rate noted. After lining up on final for ILS, X-Plane vanished from screen Log attached. Any thoughts or need more info ? METAR.zip Log.zip
  7. trevg

    SMP V4 Beta and X-Plane 11

    John, can you post what smp/rwc settings you had for that vid. Loved see that hole in the cloud.
  8. One thing SMP 3.2 will do is check to see if a newly dropped METAR file actually changed anything or not - and if not, it won't do anything with it. ---------------------------------------------- Just like the real weather, only see weather change in the area I'm in is if a front comes thru or gradual over hours. I only expect weather to change when flying into a new area with different weather and or out of a fast moving front. I do not expect to see weather change every 15 minutes just for the sake of seeing new clouds drawn on my screen slowing fps. Looking forward to smp 3.2
  9. trevg

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    I would go along with flight planning if possible when not connected to my flight computer. Good to plan before tea then ready for flight straight after. Cheers
  10. trevg

    Can we stop memory check ?

    Possible in future to have a button in the menu to stop this polling ? GPU-Z gives far more information in real time than waiting to read the log afterwards. CTD and checked the log then restarted same flight without a reboot and ran perfect with not as many of the memory checks recorded. Is this what caused the CTD ?? Log.zip
  11. trevg

    Engine Startup issue

    You could try this plugin http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=27397 Park your aircraft overnight and resume next day in exactly the same parking spot. Same conditions as when you left it.
  12. trevg

    Setting joystick commands via X-Plane menue

    Thanks for the explanation, guess I'll be without thermal protection. Rather be able to use my hardware. Ver 1.1 worked in the normal position Cheers
  13. trevg

    Setting joystick commands via X-Plane menue

    After playing today swapping and trying many options. (Never had this problem in saab ver 1.1 with x_assign.) So if I want to play with the Saab all works very well with the buttons sticking to my programmed settings. YES :) Soon as I introduce X-Assign the CMDs get swapped around now - so not the Saab's problem........... But I want to fly my Les DC3 tomorrow for a couple of hours (great plane also) oh redo all my keys. Then I want to have a flight in the Saab, redo all the keys again PITA The workarounds above is for the problem of each xp ver and the code being changed internally. Once you re programme it would stay till next ver release, I have used that process in the past. Wish there was a file we could save the button actions for each plane. One other small problem I have Jim, the L.bat switch any problem in leaving it in OVRD ??? Reason - my GoFlight equip will only work with it in this position. Ver 1.1 worked in the normal position. Regards
  14. trevg

    Setting joystick commands via X-Plane menue

    Thanks Jim for your reply, Yes the commands get rearranged or lost completely on shut down of XP and a restart. I have used 26 buttons previously, used with no trouble. I will take out x-assign and try again today in case it is doing something strange only with the Saab. The only time I have had trouble is with a new release ver of XP when the code has changed, the same with all planes. Regards
  15. Win 7 64 bit X-Plane 10.40b2 Logitech joystick, CH Yoke, CH Throttles. I set up the buttons via x-plane controls with saab cmds. All work ok shut down and restart and they are all mixed up. All the standard commands of X-Plane stay as programmed. Used X-Assign and the Saab cmds only do not stay programmed. Any way I have misunderstood this or is this not possible ?? Have also tried with your latest update today. Been waiting patiently for this for so long, Hope it is my error somewhere.