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  1. cruster

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    I would throw down money for a high quality C208 with deep systems modeling.
  2. I have discovered that turning the large, outside NAV knob on the center chin panel will bring up various screen selections on the MFD (map modes, TAWS, etc.). I have also discovered that if I click "FPL" and then "FPL" again and then turn the big outer NAV knob, I get a NAV window selection on the MFD with two options, one of which is (IIRC) "Flight plan Catalog". What I have been unable to discover is how do I select that "Flight plan Catalog" item? I'm assuming this allows me to load saved flight plans. If that's not the case, can someone give me a quick rundown on how exactly to load a flight plan? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, Cameron. I was just thinking about the B300 again last night. Or maybe it was the night before. Regardless, I know the Duchess (or is it the Sundowner?) rebuild is in process, and the updates to the Mu-2, Saab, etc. just came out, but...man do I want a study sim B300. Can X-Aviation help me out here?
  4. cruster

    What did you fly today?

    An oldie, but still a goodie. Ferrying the COL3 out to the PilotEdge coverage area:
  5. That brought back some memories. The first flight sim platform I bought was subLOGIC FSII on a C=64. Man, I'm old! I have the Duchess. Would like to fly her more, but the MU2, JS32 and BK17 have spoiled me. I would pay for an upgrade to a full-on update.
  6. cruster


    I had problems off and on yesterday afternoon getting flights to log. One in three would fail. The way the X-plane FSE plugin works, it only tries once and never again. The FSX/9 clients will re-try after a period; wish the developer would implement that for XPX.
  7. I'd really like to have a nicely done B300 or B1900C instead of the 350. In case any developers are reading.
  8. cruster


    I believe the airport data is based on FS9/FSX. If it's in MSFS, it's in FSE. Airport sizes are based on runway lengths, IIRC. I'm coming up on 9 years in FSE at the end of this month. Crazy.
  9. cruster

    SilverLining Crashing My Flights

    By way of updating my initial issue, I managed to squeeze out a couple of hours this past weekend to fly with the new (v1.3.1, I believe) SkyMaxx Pro installed. I did several short, local hops in the BK-117 before switching over to a longer flight in the MU2. In the past, this has led to a crash, usually after about an hour of total flight time. This time, however, I was able to complete the flight. I enjoyed the splendor and beauty of the SMP environment the whole time. Especially the 'magic hour' sunset period. Gorgeous textures, lighting and wonderful cloud effects. All without negatively impacting frame rates. This is the experience I had expected initially. Thank you, John, for sticking with it and making it possible. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. cruster

    Elapsed Time running slow.

    Click on the Settings Menu, then Data {whatever it says}, find the row about five down from the top, on the left that says "framerate" to the right of the columns of checkboxes. Put a check in the checkbox on the right, closest to that "framerate" label. Sorry if that's not clear enough, but I'm going from memory (i.e., don't have XP installed on this system, let alone open). When you exit out of the Data settings panel, you'll have a text box at the top left of your screen. The FPS info will be there.
  11. cruster

    Elapsed Time running slow.

    I'm pretty sure once the FPS drops below a certain threshold (20?) the sim starts running in time dilation mode. Meaning one second of sim time takes two or more seconds of real time. I've had this experience on my Macbook Pro with long flights and when I've had rendering options cranked up past what my hardware could reasonably handle.
  12. cruster

    Pipistrel Panthera [Payware]

    You either want to develop the airplane or you don't. If it's a passion, a drive you have, an itch that absolutely must be scratched, then it doesn't matter whether or not someone else released a competing package. Are you doing this as a means to make loads of cash? I'm guessing not, and besides pay-ware development is probably not the most lucrative form of modeling and programming. I've read lots of pay-ware developers posts where they claim they're not in it for the money; it's a labor of love. Maybe you're one of those, right? If that's the case, don't you feel compelled to ignore the competition and simply outperform and out-deliver them? I think I would. You sound like you're invested in your project. It appears you have the support of the real-world manufacturer. Why quit now? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. cruster

    SilverLining Crashing My Flights

    I thought I had it narrowed down to a conflict between Xsquawbox and SkyMaxx Pro, but then I realized the only time XP10 crashed to desktop (immediate, no crash log generated, oddly) was when I was flying the MU-2B. I could fly the BK-117 for more than an hour with no crash, but about 15 or 20 minutes after changing to the MU-2B, right after a weather update, it would crash. I began pondering if it could be a Gizmo related issue, as both SkyMaxx and the plane rely on Gizmo. But, I have already sunk enough time and money into this to pursue it further. The final resolution for me was to uninstall SkyMaxx, as all other combinations of my few plugins play nice together, regardless of airplane chosen. In doing so, however, the SkyMaxx uninstall broke the MU-2B. My guess is that the uninstall removed Gizmo completely, despite my having four other X-Aviation packages installed. A re-download and re-install of the MU-2B brought it back to working status. Since removing SkyMaxx, I've booked a significant amount of time--for me--in XP10 without a single crash.
  14. cruster

    Cruise power - what am I doing wrong?

    I've never really paid attention to the yoke, mostly just trimming to get the ball in the middle (so I'm not slipping). In my current flight, I trimmed a little more right than I would have normally, and indeed the yoke is truly level. The ball is slightly on the right lubber line in the inclinometer, though. I'm sure there is probably a data ref I can display that would tell me slip angle but, honestly, a GS of 220 into a headwind of 40kts at FL100, and a fuel burn of only 480 lbs/hr...I'm not going to worry too much. edit: slew to slip
  15. cruster

    Cruise power - what am I doing wrong?

    One of the things I found with the MU-2 was that, depending on wind speed and direction, I could get an additional 20-30 KIAS by unwinding the left trim that was dialed in for takeoff.