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X-Plane crashes after loading weather Data

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Hello SkyMaxx Team,


it seem like SkyMaxx Pro causes problems on my X-Plane 10 64bit system (worked before).


After loading up the Aircraft XFMC, X-IVAP and TS2 start normal but as it's trying to load the weather X-Plane crashes with a error report. If I deinstall SkyMaxx it loads up normally. Im using the NOAA weather plugin.


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I'm 99% sure you're running out of memory on your video card. From what I could find out, your card has 2 GB of RAM - but you're trying to run SkyMaxx Pro along with a bunch of HD photo-scenery. Photo-scenery can eat memory alive and chew through 2 GB without blinking.


Try removing your photo-scenery or flying in an area without it, and see if X-Plane becomes more stable.

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