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Problem with GPS at SAAB 340

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Hello everybody. I enjoy very much this aircraft and I fly with it a lot.

But today I faced one problem with GPS. I make all the normal procedures to start the aircraft and when I turned the knob to open GPS the console poped up with the following message:



The GPS remains black and there is nothing I can do. I reboot console, I rebbot the aircraft I restart x-plane, I re installed the aircraft but nothing changes.

I searched this problem on the internet, I found two posts about it  but I didn't find any answer with solution.

Please I would aprreciate your help because I really fly this plane very often.

Thanks in advance





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This error is produced when the "Resources/default data/earth_nav.dat" file is missing or corrupt.  Please verify that you have this file.  If you do have the file, please post a copy here so we can check it.

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