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A little question about Orbx & X-Plane 10

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I've been following along on the Orbx's forums about Prepare3D by Lockheed Martin (ESP by Microsoft).

John had just posted an Official Orbx P3D FAQ for their customers.

Here's a quote from that FAQ.

"Q14. X-Plane 10 looks nice, is Orbx planning on supporting it?

A14. X-P 10 falls into the same category as FLIGHT. Screenshots look great, but everything else is an unknown quantity and we will look into the platform at the appropriate time. As said above, our core platform is FSX and we will continue to release products for FSX first, other platforms second."

This would be awesome if they would produce their scenery's for X-Plane 10.

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the only people wanting to run xp10 have weak hardware that wont support xp11 well. this same weak hardware wont support hi def scenery either so there’s basicaly no reason to bother. xp10 is dead. save your pennies and move on.

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