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[XP11] IXEG needs wheel chocks

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On XP11, it appears that ground services aren't always available. As soon as cold-and-dark sim starts, the 737 starts slowly rolling. The location doesn't have external power available, and I don't want to start the APU yet. I turn the battery on, and the electric hyd pumps don't start, so I assume they need AC power? At any rate, I establish AC using standby power ON, and the elec hydro pumps still don't work, so perhaps they don't run off the standby bus? What busses are they powered from and how can I prevent my plane from rolling?

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Yeah, this is a problem we will solve when porting to XP11 - once that is out of beta.

And your observations are right - the elec hyd pumps need AC buses 1 and/or 2 powered, the AC standby bus is not enough. This makes sense, because the AC standby bus is for emergencies, and the elec hyd pumps would drain the battery in a few minutes.

The only means to power the brakes without engines running or AC power available is the emergency brake cylinder, which stores energy for brake application by pressurizing nitrogen. This cylinder can deplete (you can see it by pumping the brakes when there is no hydraulical pumps running), sometimes it depletes when the aicraft is sitting unpowered for a longer period of time. The only means to avoid rolling off on a slope is chocks, then.



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