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Wide Taxiway Markings - Library Replacement v2.0

(a.k.a. X-Plane Default Taxiway Texture Line Marking Replacement Definition files... say that 10 times fast!)

Feb 06, 2013 - Chris K and the ISDG Group


Quick Description:

This file makes the X-plane default taxiways much wider; better reflecting reality.

All Airport pavement markings look much more like their real-life counterparts.


Detailed Description:

This file overwrites X-Plane's built-in library of taxiway markings using the Library EXPORT system functionality provided by X-Plane. It replaces the Line (.LIN file) definitions with a duplicate definition file which exactly doubles the size of the lines in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

This method manipulates the library in a "3rd party developer" friendly way, by use of LIBRARY directives, and in no way overwrites any of X-Planes default files; or requires the end-user to modify X-Planes own internal files or textures. This makes it work for any version of X-Plane that supports the 800 LIBRARY system, which includes X-Plane 8.5+, X-Plane 9, and X-Plane 10. This method also allows easy installation, and is easy to delete.



Unzip, and copy "Wide Taxiway Markings Library Replacement" into "Custom Scenery" - That's it.


Delete "Wide Taxiway Markings Library Replacement" from "Custom Scenery" - That's it.



Works on both XP9 and XP10; As these files didn't change (or get any upgrades to better ones) between the XP versions.



v1.0 to v2.0 changes:

As per daveduck's excellent insight, we changed from individual files you needed to manually copy into X-Planes internals by hand...........to a library-based method to replace the markings in an X-Plane "3rd party" modification friendly way.

What's New in Version 2.0


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User Feedback

Thank you so much for this - I've been trying to create this for quite a long time, but it looks like you've done it. Perfect and finally I don't feel like I'm following a pinstripe. Far more realistic. Wonderful add-on!


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Thanks Chris always love it when add-ons are added through the custom scenery folder you don't have to worry about them when updating Xplane


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