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  1. Wow! more better! tthanx for all the hard work!!! Looks Great!!!!!
  2. soooo happy to see the beginnings of a scenery upgrade I've been anxiously awaiting! Thanks!
  3. here's a link to work in progress shots for the updated version coming soon... http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php/topic/4143-misc-wip-shots/?hl=%2Btoronto+%2Bprogress#entry43774
  4. Stunning! Very exciting to see the progress shots… I know you guys want to get it right, but, I can't believe how "right" it already looks! You are making folks like me awed by your dedication and generosity. Thanks
  5. Wow I was hoping Pearson was getting worked on somewhere, of course 'til I saw this I could only imagine... This is going to be the best!!! Obviously a labour of love; can't thank you and the team enough! btw thanks for the note on an update for city centre which is gonna be beautiful - consider me one lucky Toronto X-Plane tenner!
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