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  1. Bonjour … Est-ce que par hasard cette nouvelle mouture de SkyMaxPro est enfin compatible Mac sous Metal ou vous nous condamnez toujours à voler en "Open GL" pour pouvoir utiliser SkyMaxPro( ce qui serait une hérésie vues es différences de performances entre Métal et Open GL) ? Merci de votre réponse ! Hello ... Is it by chance that this new version of SkyMaxPro is finally Mac compatible under Metal or do you still condemn us to fly in "Open GL" to be able to use SkyMaxPro (which would be a heresy given the differences in performance between Metal and Open GL)? T
  2. Convinced at the time by the diatribe of X-Aviation on the piracy of Maxx FX and in the will to stay in the right way, I had thrown blue-FX and and the acquisition of Maxx FX! Mal took me: now I have a Maxx FX not functional: the screen settings are displayed ... empty! (And I did not keep a copy of the install) Alas, at X-aviation, if on my quota of download of the application I have 2 download possible, the deadline for downloading is exceeded. There is a button to request a download reset. Button that I activated three times since October: apart from an email telling m
  3. On the French site X-Plane, "sixberas" has also had the same problem and also determined that it was an issue with SMP http://www.x-plane.fr/showthread.php?t=54770&p=450395&viewfull=1#post450395
  4. Yes, as I have shown in this post:http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/7646-skymaxx-pro-211-has-been-released/?p=83457expectations here. First 7 images show X-Plane WITHOUT SMP!Despite a level of detaill high (with 30 fps) and too high (15 fps), there is no blue artifact! 5 The following pictures are with SMP enabled!Despite a very low graphics load (35-40 fps) blue artifacts are there!
  5. PC-MAX WAR MODE OFF PERMANENTLY !! (I'm on Mac since 1984 and X-plane since version 6 !!!) Hello!Several times I was offered this solution! But again, I regret the proposed choice! Without HDR enabled, I fly in superb conditions with a level of detail and realism very high!I regret having to sacrifice all this realism for HDR that ultimately does not offer me anything extra, except for atmospheric effects
  6. Problem solved but not satisfactory !! If I actually active HDR, the problem is partly solved!Partly solved because I have no more iridescent blue, but I then lost 10-15 fps, which then makes it unusable X-Plane! Will he means to ensure that SMP is not dependent HDR ??
  7. I have tried to lower the settings in SkyMaxPro: the only change is obtained higher fps, but no change in the level of graphical errors! The only thing I have not tried is the activation of HDR which penalizes too my computer. I think that this is primarily a conflict with AMD / Radeon cards under Mac OS X (Most current Mac using Nvidia cards).A person of the French site has x-plane.fr found the same problems as me on the Radeon card, even if it is 10.10 (Yosemite) and it flew a totally different area of the mine (La France)!http://www.x-plane.fr/thread54770.html Is it possible to find an olde
  8. Meanwhile, I republished my message to better highlight the problems! As you can see, the problem appears in three different scene: a ) LSGL: it is a scene "Swiss Part 1" Daniel Gauthier and Scrattb ) close to LSGB: the image tile "zPhotoXP + 46 + 006_CH_Genf_bx17" of SimHeaven is reached (blue area in the distance)c ) This is the scene LSGS Turbine, available on the org! So it is not a specific scene that poses problems!
  9. Google translation (I speak French) Sundog thank you, but your explanation is wrong! Without SMP, the problems do not appear! In normal flight low resolution details, I fly with 30 fps on LSGS, which is correct (HDR is always off ) 30 fps : LSGS without graphic Problem 30 fps : LSGS without graphic Problem I can even push the resolution to a very high level, the fps drop dramatically (15; 14 fps), thus unusable. But the design has no problems! 15 fps : Unusable, but without graphics issues 14 fps : Unusable, but without graphics issues 14 fps : Unusable, but without graphics issues
  10. Hello, I have a problem with SkyMaxxPro v2.1 You can see it here: I thought it was a conflict with Maxx-Fx ... But no, it is SkyMaxxPro responsible if I disable the display of the scene is correct! The problem does not happen with generic buildings (W2XP) but with the buildings of the scenes (for example: LSGS available on the org) The problem also happens with vehicles or trees. This blue-purple color disappears when approaching the subject sufficiently and then displays its true texture. I finally thought the problem was .png files: I then converted those LSGS in dds usin
  11. I used this new filter, it was he who gave me the results. : This is why I speak of 6 .1 With the old filter, I had lines that went into the lake but no confusion between the two kinds of lines.With the new filter (I called 6.1) I have no line in the lake, but confusion between "high voltage" and "low voltage" Yes, the affected areas are about 40 km from my home.When I have time I will take pictures! Thank you for all the wonderful work !!
  12. Yet the OMS Map region's, high-voltage lines are indicated "high voltage" while being poles are marked "low or medium voltage." Difference between high and low voltage :[/url A : high voltage : B : low voltage : I know because I corrected myself the line from the north! (see image : "Other train lines in the same region " ) [PS] what surprises me is that version 6 W2XP doing very well the difference between the two current lines, but version 6.1 so confused lines, low and high voltage
  13. Sorry to come back to the problem ...it is unfortunately not solved!If I have more high voltage lines ghosts, for it is against railway lines that become high-voltage lines The scenery With W2XP v 6.0 : The same scenery with W2XP v 6.1 : The train lines viewed from X-Plane: they become power lines : Other train lines in the same region :
  14. Un très grand merci !! / a big thank you! !!
  15. Hello Tony I just used the data provided by PilotBalu versions 0.6 on SimHeaven (Switzerland among others). I see that there is always the mistake of power lines already marked with version 5. OSM data show no line on the lake, but W2XP data artificially created. And unfortunately it's impossible to edit with Overlay Editor to correct, even by limiting the work area! Excuse my bad english I am Swiss French . W2XP power line near LSGP (Lake of Geneva) OSM power line near LSGP W2XP power line near LSGN : (Lake of Neuchâtel) OSM power line near LSGN : How to fix it all ? Thanks
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