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  1. Beta-testing for Android devices (Android 8.0 and higher) should be available here:


    Although the application should work on Android tablets, UI is not optimized for large screens. This will be dealt with later this year. The manual is being written. Meanwhile, you may use the one for iPhone -- interface is very similar. Manual can be downloaded here:


    Let me know if you find any issues, bugs, etc.

  2. There has been some discussion around with respect to pitch trim settings, and I thought it might be a good idea to include it in the map pop-up annotation window when you click on the plane icon. While doing this, I have also found a bug that resulted in incorrect pitch trim calculations. Both things have been addressed in the update that has just been released.


  3. An update has just been released. Should be in AppStore shortly. In addition to fixing downloading NOAA winds aloft data, the update includes changing the way the drop-down menus work when selecting runways, SIDs, and STARs, as well as a better representation of Arc to a Fix and Radius to a Fix procedures on the map. Also, if you are connected to X-Plane on the ACARS panel, tapping the plane icon will show estimated V or reference speed for the current weight.

  4. 7 hours ago, Candid said:

    For the sake of such an application do I need to buy an iPhone? !!! Is it really impossible to create the simplest bootloader-manager as part of the package itself? The authors had enough skill to create an airplane. Set the price too. But making life for a virpil is a little easier - no)))

    P/S/ Many companies write their own utilities and it is very convenient to use them. I don't like Apple!)

    Android version is in development. Should cover the rest of the world except for those who deliberately refuse to use a smart phone.

  5. Updated version of the iGoConnect plugin can be downloaded here:



    If you have MacOS Catalina (10.15) or higher, it is possible that after downloading and installing the plugin, you will not find it in the X-Plane's menu. This error is caused by the MacOS security protocols during the X-Plane start-up process that references a Mac.xpl file. If you do not see iGoConnect in the menu of the simulator, the following link explains how to solve the problem:


  6. @Jorg Bliesener

    Hi. I continue to enjoy your plugin with IXEG. However, I installed version 1.2.4 Beta, and now I have begun having CTDs and BSoDs when I fly another plane (e.g., LES's Saab). Whenever you plugin is removed, no crashes. I do not seem to be able to return back to the previously stable version either. If you cannot replicate the issue on your PC, I can send you a Log.txt file. Thanks!

  7. @Chase911

    Do you have iGoConnect already installed? If no, please download and install it and then replace the above file as per instructions. If yes, is this version 2.40? If no, download and install the latest version and then replace the above file. If yes, just replace the file.

    I will be preparing the full plug-in package over the weekend.


  8. The application does not recognize the newly updated plane. No worries. As soon as I figure out how to update boost libraries on my mac, I will update the iGoConnect plugin to address this.

    Very nice work with the update, by the way!

  9. I have just updated the application for iOS. One major change is the ability to enter or copy and paste from another source the full flightplan into a textview and download the pertinent data from the server (X-Plane). Previously, you would have to enter each waypoint separately and press a button to download it. Akin to the desktop version, the entered plan will omit SIDs and STARs -- they can be added later. Type in the plan (or copy and paste it) and tap on the button with the plus sign next to the textview.

    The updated version includes some bug fixes and UI improvements for iOS14. I have also changed the satellite map to a newer cool feature -- Satellite Flyover map.

    If you notice any bugs due to the change, feel free to drop me a line. If you do not have the application already installed on your iOS device, you will likely see a pop-up message requesting access to your local network. Once you approve it, you will see another warning that connection was not established. The latter would relate to your first attempt to connect. Just tap OK and try again -- it should work.


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  10. A new version will be available in AppStore shortly. In addition to a number of bug and UI fixes, the update includes the following improvements:

    - Calculation of weights and CG has been adjusted based on DOW of 17,215 lbs, which, as far as I understand, is the correct weight to be updated in the next version of the plane.

    - iOS and iPadOS now have a new type of map -- Satellite Flyover. I thought it looked nice and I added it to the application.

    - Most important update is that you do not have to add individual waypoints of your flightplan anymore. You can now copy and paste the flightplan into a textbox, and it will be uploaded from X-Plane. You still need to run X-Plane as a server. SIDs and STARs will not be uploaded, you may add them afterwards.

    Some more good news: development of this application for Android phones is about two thirds over. No ETA yet, and there is still a lot of work to do. I hope, it will be released in summer.



  11. Hi, Roy.

    Thank you so much for getting the application!

    First of all, did you check out the manual?


    Please let me know if something is not clear, and I will be happy to help.

    A few days ago, I updated Windows and was no longer able to connect again. Turned out that my firewall settings were somehow reset and I had to disable it completely to be able to connect again. Had to restart PC as well.

    Happy New Year!

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  12. 7 minutes ago, rafgath said:

    Are there any differences between the desktop and iPad version ??

    The desktop version includes two things that the iOS version is missing: a panel with procedures and real-time (as opposed to instant) pax and fuel loading. This will eventually be implemented in the iOS version, but I cannot say when.

  13. The program definitely works with v1.3 on my computer.

    Do other people have any problems with 1.3? Please share here even if you do not. In 99% of cases, careful reading of the manual solves issues.  @jeffreymg, what exactly is the problem that you have?

    @Ghostbusters, did you buy the program and cannot load it? I hope that @Cameron will be able to help here.

    As far as other questions by @rafgath are concerned: yes, it works in Windows and Mac since this is a Java application. It can be installed either on the same or a different computer. 

  14. Hi, Hugo.

    14 hours ago, Hugo Weber said:

    FMC gives 144 flaps 30 for 55.3 tons. Vref for this flap and 55 tons is 141, so 144 seens reasonable for what the FMC gives. So 144 + 5 knots = 149 knots, however performance tab gives 115 knots.

    Thanks for providing this information. I will be looking into this. Stay tuned.

    14 hours ago, Hugo Weber said:

    One thing I didnt notice before was the optimal flight level being so high for a fligh so short, I dont thing I may get FL340 and get down on 29 min flight, am I thinking right?

    Optimum altitude is determined by weight and ISA (actually, FPPM provides the same altitude for three different ISA options). It then adjusts the FL to your flight direction (odd for 1-180 and even for 181 to 360). Since your current weight is 55-56K kg and you are heading west, you get rounded altitude of 340.


    EDIT: Problem with Vref speeds identified and fixed. Should be able to compile the update next week. Thanks, Hugo, for pointing out the bug!


  15. 10 minutes ago, Hugo Weber said:

    It was a 29 min flight on FL180. I got the screenshots just after TOC. I gess it was about what the FMC showed, after all, how come 55.2 tons on the 15-20 min left, on descend, spend so much fuel that lands on 121 knots (vref for 40 tons)?

    Still, next time you finish your flight, could you please take a note of your actual weight at the moment of landing, flaps position and the VRef speed that the application shows. I need the evidence to see if there are errors. Thank you.

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