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  1. I had it when tried EFKE RNP 36, CYUL RNAV 24L at least what I can remember.
  2. Same here. Everytime I fly LPV, this happens, "normal" RNP (or AR) with no WAAS/EGNOS works fine.
  3. Nice! Would you like to do the same but with KG?
  4. Thank you! Didn't want to start off with the wrong foot here Congratulations on a magnificent product, really groundbreaking.
  5. Yep that is as it should work. Now the damping seems to be a bit too powerful. Are you rated on the CL650 or could someone on the team confirm that it really does work like that in the plane?
  6. Just what can be seen on the videos, FD is ”locked” to my control inputs following exactly the plane attitude to some extent
  7. Thank you for the reply, I wouldn't look down on someone reporting things and keep them as simple sim pilots. I have flown sims for 20 years and professionally in real life over 10. None on the aircraft that I've flown IRL doesn't behave like that. None. FD shouldn't be part of pilots movements but the other way around to be were APFD-system wants it to. I haven't flown with ProLine21A plane but I highly doubt that it should work like that.
  8. Hi After completing a few flight with otherwise magnificent CL60, there is an issue with FD guidance on ILS approaches (atleast) when flying manually. When pretty much centered within the ILS the FD follows pilots inputs and plane attitude to some level, it's worse laterally than vertically. I usually have flown with full FBO and the problem has persisted on every flight. I shot 2 videos one with V-bar FD and other with X-bar. V-Bar X-Bar EDIT: VGP The issue also persists on VGP mode, maybe slightly less but still clearly there.
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