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  1. I am sorry but I don´t have any idea why the levers move alone. There is no autothrottle that could do something wrong also not activated. Really strange. Are you sure you don´t have any other hardware that could be mapped to the throttle? This ware my only thought, but if not, I don´t have any further suggestion. Disconnect all your HW and look what happens.
  2. The best way to proceed is to power on the plane, start the GPS and make flight planning and set radios and other things, shut down the avionics and make the startup. After it is done, power on again and switch on the GPS and the flight plan is kept as before. Enjoy this beauty aircraft.
  3. Great to know it had worked. Enjoy this bird because the immersion is enormous. You have to work more than the autopilot and is a real pleasure to fly.
  4. Assign your joystick and hardware through the default XP11 commands and it will work fine. Go to Joystics from the menu and then look for your hardware and asign each axis and key.
  5. Hello Selmer79, map yor joystick with the default commands of XP11. Don´t use the specific airplane to assign the axes and buttons, do it very simple with the standar assignemts through XP11. I have the TQ6 Throttle panel + Flight Master Yoke III and a Saitek throtle panel and all works fine and with all airplanes, from propellers to jets. Good luck.
  6. Take your time. Main thing is to get a good model that we all enjoy. After your work on the 737 and this Moo, I don´t have any doubt that you will get it. Best regards and thanks for your attention. RH
  7. Hi Tom, I am also lost. I started the Moo with all running (to make a test didn´t want to loose time) and tried different optiona as I read in this forum. But as soon as I have it opperative there is no way to breake the beast and it starts jumping and accelerating despite the parking brake (perhaps the reason for tyres blown out...?) I moved the power levers, the condition levers, but unsuccessfully. I don´t want to "desconfigure" my setup (Saitek Yoke, Saitek Rudder Peddals and TQ6 throttle). All these work fantastic with the rest of my arrplanes and sceneries. Probably I should do
  8. Hi Tom, I have the same issues: no brakes, no reverse, nothing work properly... I have the TQ6 Flight Quadrant and am very happy with them. But there is no way to fly this Moo...also the tires were blown out, so no fun and direct to the hangar. Sorry for that but I don´t understand why in some machines it work and in others not. Regards
  9. Thanks to all of you for the prompt answers and sugestions. At least seems to be that with my current hardware I could get a decent performance to start with. Afterwards I will go for a new hardware to cope and enjoy with the XP 10 demands. Thanks again and good flights !! Rolando
  10. Hi everybody, I am new in this forum and trying to learn about X-Plane 10 before making the jump. I am an old MSFS since the very begining (I don't want to count the years ;-) and I have already a question about hardware. I know I have a semi old PC with the following configuration: - Windows 7 umtimate SP1 64 bits - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2,83 Ghz, 3 Gb RAM - GeForce Nvidia 9800 GT 1 Gb I know I have to "renew" the system, but would like to know, how do you think XP-10 could perform with this configuration? Could it help changing only the Graphic Card to a Nvidia 570 for example or the Quad
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