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  1. whats the solution i keep getting the same error please help
  2. Hey all, I found a bug in the CL650 where AUTOROUTER wouldn't display nothing but airport plates so GND movements charts and such but not the SID/STAR/APPROACH/ARRIVAL charts.
  3. Okay so i followed that oisin told me to do, and my noob mistake is that i need to disable aeronav (FAA CHARTS) in order to get the autorouter ones.
  4. Mod Note: If you are experiencing this issue please ensure Autorouter is checked in user settings, account details are entered and connection has been tested. Thank you. Hey all wheveCL650_Log.txtr i try to test connection on autorouter it wont work for me says connection failed.
  5. issue was resolved by disabling XpRealistic and reenabling once in the sim
  6. I just installed it and its directly crashing to desktop please help Log.txt
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