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  1. After having approx 20 ctd’s in the past 3 weeks and posting in here I was advised to disable FSRealistic so I did 3 days ago and I have done 6 successful flights now since Friday with no problems…….now I must admit I’m missing the nose wheel and main landing gear touchdown sounds from FSRealistc so yesterday I enabled just them 2 sounds but the rest of the sounds are disabled and today I have done another 3 flights and I haven’t had any ctd’s up to now….I just wanted that extra immersion sound on touchdown from fs realistic …hopefully all will be ok now….it sure is a awesome aircraft! Regards Paul EGCC
  2. Hi Does the airframe log your hours like the TBM does ….if so we’re will I find that please?? Thanks
  3. Yes that’s what I did and the the zibo profile worked fine
  4. Ohh right…. Thanks for correcting me!
  5. Can’t wait for this, I have been flying your TBM pretty much from day 1 and I’m still flying it to this day after 3 years, it’s the best plane ever in my opinion, nothing touches it so I can’t bloody wait for this one…. Sooooo loooking forward to it!! ……. Meggga!! Regards Paul (54 year old simmer! ) EGCC
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