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  1. I did a test flight with the 1.0.1 version of the BN-T2 to test out the trim problem that I have with the aircraft. During the test I decided to fly it with only one pilot, no passengers, no cargo and both fuel tanks half full. Abnormally light in other words. At takeoff I set the controls: Torque - 80% RPM - 1800 (manual says 2100) Trim - (-2) Flaps - TO position The climb out to 4000 feet was steep but manageable. At 4000 feet I retarded the torque to around 60% and retarded the condition controls to around 1700. The manual says to leave the condition controls at 210
  2. There is a slight improvement on the trim but you still have to fly it with way too much down trim even when fully loaded. Even when you are landing you have to keep the trim way down. That’s just not right.
  3. I think I will leave my BN-2T in the hanger until they come up with a fix. It is unusual for TorqueSim not to have noticed the problem however, I am sure they will solve the problem after all they make some of the best aircraft for Xplane, i.e. SR 22 & BN-2.
  4. The BN Islander Turbine is a great plane as far as looks and systems, but oh my God it is worse than a Boeing 737 Max 8 for wanting to point its nose way up. There is something definitely strange about the trim and the power. you have to keep pushing forward on the yoke to keep the nose down and the trim is at the nose down stops. I also find I have to keep reducing the condition levers while in flight along with the throttle in order to keep flying without climbing. Its nearly like you have to use the condition controls like prop pitch controls to fly level which should not be the case.
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