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  1. Holy Batman @Pattism! Make me one for my B-Day?! The second on always builds faster... ha How does is fly? Realistic? Any YouTube videos of it in action? Great choice of planes... Thanks for the templates. I was thinking of using my 3-D printer to print the template for the switch panel so it can be swapped depending on plane I'm flying. Your template helps. Very impressive Mark!
  2. OMG that panel (labeling) looks SHARP !!! What did you use to print them? Also are these labels or templates online? WOW I'm really impressed!
  3. Thanks! Looking forward to being a part of the group.
  4. Invite to Hot Start Discord please? Bought a HS TBM 900. Reading through manuals now and getting ready for first flight soon. Circumnavigation is the plan...
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