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  1. Hi Igor, Thankyou for sorting my connection problem, to xplane 11, using the iGoDispatchBoeing733. Very easy to understand, I am able to use this amazing software now.
  2. Hi Igor, I have bought this amazing software for xplane 11. I have tried connecting it to xplane 11, but It does not connect. I know I am not doing things right. Have you any you tube videos on this subject, or diagrams showing how to do this, many thanks, Roy.
  3. Hi Igor. I have no idea how to connect this amazing software to xplane 11. I have tried but have failed miserably. Could you please show me in youtube video or diagrams please. Many thanks.
  4. Hi Igor, sorry to sound stupid, I have bought this amazing software for Ixeg 737-300. But I have never used it because, I do not know how to connect it to xplane 11. There are no youtube videos, or anything that shows this info. I would be most grateful if you could show me how in a youtube video, or by diagrams. Many thanks. Roy Anderson.
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