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  1. this issue persists i wish we could fix it....
  2. i have the same issue. last build of the tbm and 11.50 - using LiveTraffic or Pilot Edge (not at the same time of course).
  3. Thats where I ended up... even if you need to leave from the same airport , just pick a different parking spot to leave from.. then it’s not an issue. XP also remembers where you landed last with a specific airplane so it’s not a bit issue to create a new flight.
  4. I do not. Only a joystick and a trottle, both are using normal XP commands to control them. Im planning to get some bezels from RealSimGear however....
  5. Hello, im having the exact same problem.. precisely. i have uploaded my log file. Im also having XP freezes when i dont start a new flight i.e. if i open the saved flight (this is not ALWAYS, only sometimes). I still have the same RED X's when i open a saved flight... XP 11.50 W10 latest RTX 2080Ti (latest drivers) Thanks. Log.txt
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