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  1. Hello Goran, i have a hardware-based autopilot interface. On the device each key is using 1 dataref. It works.... but not as smoothly as the virtual buttons. I ran a dataref monitoring tool, to see what datarefs used when each virtual key is pressed. I was surprised as i found that of then there is more than one for many of the buttons. I have a few questions: 1. When there are multiple datarefs, are these being issues by each key or is it a chain reaction from 1 initial dataref? 2. When there are multiple datarefs, are they required to make each function work correctly?
  2. Yes, that was the solution. thanks.
  3. Hello Goran, QQ on this. I stopped using the TBM on the slave network machines (and used the Cessna instead)... i started using the TBM again as i built a better physical simulator and its nice to see the wing and window out the left and right view. Anyway... i have one problem that i cant get around. I originally thought it was the check box you mentioned above i.e. "Simulate blackout, redout, & hypoxia effects". That checkback is NOT selected. To recap, i have a master machine (front visuals) with two slaves (left and right visuals). Im using xplanes built in network mode. Th
  4. i have been flying this bird for some time, she is great, today, suddently, the master caution can not be cancelled. It reamains on constantly... CAS shows no errors, nor anywhere else in the mainternance hanger... created a new airframe... perhaps there is a real caution event, but i cant find it!
  5. cool, thought it was something added to the model - i will find it in xplane
  6. @Goran_M is there a way to turn off the hypoxia effect? - this would be the bare minimum needed to help with these types of setups. I cant figure out how to turn it off.
  7. Its not RSG, its the model. Other aircraft work fine, its just this one that does not work... so it cant be xplane, RSG or anything else. Its just the TBM doing it. Thought about this... the other planes that work, are using standard g1000, so, its the changes to the G1000 in the TBM that are likely the issue.
  8. After pressing CTRL+W (external view, no 3D cockpit), the G1000's that are in POP UP mode continuing to work but they no longer receive any input from my hardware devices (realsimgear G1000's). Other aircraft it works fine but not the 900 (like 172, C206).... any thoughts? i noticed there is another post on this, but no one answered. it would be very good to find a solution as running with a physical cockpit, you dont really want to see the virtual one, you really just want to look out the window...
  9. Rick, i run three PCs (one front, two left, three right). What i do is run Cessna's on the left and right and the 900 on the center. Then i dont show any internal cockpit so monitors are only showing external views. This is a common approach to solve the problem you highlighted.
  10. can anyone tell me where to get this: "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licensed G5 3D model for the G5" - its mentioned here: G5 Integration Guide – AFM Simulation - on that page there is a link to (https://afms.im/g5_3D) the model but it does not work.... Appreciate the help.
  11. Hello, when i click on this link it does not take me to the object for download? where can i find it?
  12. this issue persists i wish we could fix it....
  13. i have the same issue. last build of the tbm and 11.50 - using LiveTraffic or Pilot Edge (not at the same time of course).
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