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  1. I found that RWC not being in the SMP menu was because I couldn't see the licensing activation menu when using dual monitors on my PC laptop. When I disconnected the external monitor and did a re-install the activation window appeared on the screen. I remembered I had to do this to change the sky colours in SMP. Maybe that will be fixed in v5 !
  2. Solved. If I use my usual multi - monitor set up the RWC licence activation window doesn't appear. I re-installed with just the main monitor and an activation window appeared ! Once I'd activated it RWC became available. (I remembered I had to use only one monitor to be able to change SMP sky colours).
  3. Hi. Am still on SMP v4 and had intended to upgrade to v5 but when I updated RWC to v1.2 it disappeared from SMP settings menu and I don't think it is actually working on my PC. I opted to install the latest beta version of Gizmo at the same time. Before I go through an uninstall/install process can you offer advice? Have I missed something ? Will installing SMP v5 cure the problem? Many thanks.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased SMP and RWC so am pleased V5 is offered at a discount ! However I am unsure whether to upgrade because my system performance is already near its limit (i7 16Gb laptop with nVidia GPU). I've also had to turn down/disable some features of SMP v4 or use lower res clouds and even use some xplane defaults(eg skycolours) because of known bugs. So will I still benefit from V5 or does it require more system resources/higher spec PC ?
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