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  1. ОК.Thank you! They want to answer in support. They only want money, and more.
  2. If not, then you should tell everyone about it !!! So that people do not get into a situation where money is flying away to nowhere. It's true?
  3. That was my desire. Is it really impossible?
  4. I, having not yet had time to share, am already experiencing difficulties ... You can't earn all the money!))
  5. Thank you! The point is that this plane was bought to a different email address. And those three records that you see on the screen refer to the previous mailbox. I don't understand why this plugin is conflicting? Nowhere is it written that all purchases on this site must be made from the same email address. And why, in that case, such a plugin ???
  6. Ok. I also attach a screen. When you press the license update button, this window reappears after 5 seconds. Log.txt
  7. The service is fabulous !! To read a few words you have to wait 15 days !! And why am I running into some kind of problem in the plugin for the money?
  8. Friends! I had the misfortune to acquire another model of an aircraft from this resource. I had to start another mailbox. At the same time, the gizmo plugin from previous purchases does not allow the new acquisition to work. He constantly throws out the registration window for the first purchase. What I just didn’t do. Confirmed a hundred times old purchase. I entered registration data for a new aircraft. Nothing helped. I decided to write in support. And now, a whole day has passed, but, apparently, they are not going to answer me at all. Sorry. I wasted my money. Careful guys with this offic
  9. Does the aircraft manual say something about which model is recommended? If so, then I agree with you that because of the flight model, everything is not working correctly for me. The manual has not been altered, as it seems to me from the very first versions. And that's bad.
  10. Maybe you should read more carefully what I wrote about? I wrote about the elevator trim indicator and for clarity I have attached screenshots with different indicated speeds. In doing so, I did not take into account the correct operation of the engines. I wrote about the operating modes of the engines above. You just have to write something, right?
  11. It is necessary to write about everything that is seen. Then it will be easier for the authors to quickly correct.
  12. By the way, the pitch trim indicator does not change its position depending on the speed during level flight with the help of the autopilot.
  13. And nevertheless, the excess is local. Can I have one like this? How are others with autopilot?
  14. I know about the viewing angle. Turnovers are out of bounds. Need more screenshots? I don't scold. I show where there are inconsistencies.
  15. Apparently, the translator introduces some misunderstanding in our communication.
  16. N1K, thanks for the answer. I understand that it is difficult to climb to a height. But, the characteristics allow it. Especially in winter. An-24 aircraft of the same class, only 20 years older, with engines of lower power and four bladed propellers, is quietly gaining 6000m. Okay, no one will do anything anyway. After all, it is very difficult to create a complete package of an aircraft with documentation and utilities. Not every author will do this. Firms respecting themselves and their name do just that. This is probably not the case here. We fly on what we have.
  17. On YouTube, videos of the same virpils as me. What to study there? Everyone flies as he knows how and as it is more convenient for him. In fact of the matter. that there is no real documentation to do like in real life.
  18. For the sake of such an application do I need to buy an iPhone? !!! Is it really impossible to create the simplest bootloader-manager as part of the package itself? The authors had enough skill to create an airplane. Set the price too. But making life for a virpil is a little easier - no))) P/S/ Many companies write their own utilities and it is very convenient to use them. I don't like Apple!)
  19. Fig. 3 I moved the ore all the way forward and got an increase in thrust and vertical speed, which is more like the truth. BUT!!! Engine speed is out of range !! The instructions describe little about the principles of СTOT operation. And in the example it is generally recommended not to touch the thrust levers after takeoff. How can I fly with such parameters?
  20. Fig. 2 I turned off the СTOT and reduced the thrust so that the engine speed was within the permissible range. The thrust and the vertical rate of climb fell. And this is in winter, when you can get maximum power from the engine! Note, that there is still a long way to go to a practical ceiling. Dear Authors! See what can be done here?
  21. My autopilot works well. During the flights, it was noticed: Maximum takeoff weight. Fig. 1 In the climb and using the CTOT system, the engine speed goes beyond the limits. But the thrust and vertical climb speed are good.
  22. Candid

    V1.6.3 Problems

    What about the engines? Again, sharp jumps in speed. There is no smoothness with a sharp thrust. In real life, the automatics of the engine does not allow the speed to change abruptly and prevents overshooting. Also, when the air conditioning levers are moved from mines to max, the automatics will not allow the speed to change sharply. I think these transition processes should be made smoother.
  23. How good it is when the author participates in the discussion, and does not take offense at the errors found. I support! Let's not quarrel.
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