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  1. Yes. The FMC is much more like an airliner FMC. You might want to watch a video or two of someone programming the CRJ or even a 737.
  2. Yes. Hopefully, you'll find it useful. Field of View is 105. X-Camera_CL650.csv
  3. I'll join the chorus of those that see significant performance hits with v.5 (and v.4 for that matter). I'm running a 5950x and 6900xt at 3440x1440 and, depending on the circumstances, I see anywhere from 10-35 fps drop in performance depending on the weather, plane location, etc. I haven't spent a lot of time tweaking my settings. Instead, if I'm flying on Vatsim or in a location where the weather is generally clear, I turn off the plugin. I'm using FSGlobal, RWC and SkyMaxx -- a significant investment, and it's disappointing that I regularly have to disable SkyMaxx to keep the sim running above 20fps. That said, I appreciate that SunDog is taking a lot of heat and that weather is obviously a struggle for many developers in X-Plane 11. So I ask this question: SunDog, what are the prospects of significant performance improvements based on whatever you know about X-Plane 12, or other changes you see coming on graphics engines, etc.?
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