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  1. What a wonderful aircraft the TBM-900 is! Despite the fact that I cartwheeled end over end multiple times on landing, its a blast to fly and I love the realism aspects of it. Definitely wish you had an option to start engines hot so I could load 10 miles out from a landing, but once I figured out where I could short-cut alot of the checklist stuff, I could load a new airframe then get powered up and in the air pretty quick. From there it was just a matter of activating my approach from the previous setting and then getting to altitude and heading for intercept. Finally stuck the land
  2. I just bought the TBM today and on my first flight ran into the localizer issue into 34L @ UHPP. Assumed I was doing something wrong since the plane's new to me. Glad to know it's not me but a known issue and is being worked on for a fix.
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