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  1. Thanks. I'll keep testing at this end.
  2. Mixed results. Generally I only use it when I need to get the aircraft out of a tricky situation that I've got it in to; sometimes that's grass other times it's concrete (eg carpark -- don't ask ...). Somtimes it works just fine sometimes it won't. Could it be that it THINKS the brakes are on if the friction coefficient is too high? (hence tyre smoke etc).
  3. Not that I'm aware of; you can see in the video that I pump the brakes a couple of times - leaving them off - that the park brake is off - and yet I still get "smoke coming from the tyres". And in the very same video afterwards I was able to start the engine and taxi the aircraft.
  4. Silly question, but have you gone into the PFD setup and turned them on?
  5. Yep - that's how it's always been for me (I didn't even know that I could use the mouse). The problem isn't that I can't get the slider to move - it's that the aircraft often doesn't move even when the slider is at one or the other extreme and making "lots of noise".
  6. Got it to do it again - both logs attached. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  7. I'm confused. You asked for TBM900_log.txt do you now need log.txt as well?
  8. I'd start by going through every section of the maintenance manager and ensuring that everything is green (the symptoms we see can be caused by more severe but less apparent damage elsewhere). The next thing I'd question is "how are you managing to flood the combustor"? One needs to be careful to ensure that the engine is shut down by placing the throttle into the cut-off position - and ensuring that it's not removed from that position until Ng hits around 14% with igniters & Boost Pump on on an engine start - can you confirm that you're doing that correctly? Other than that, dif
  9. Can't get it to work again - here's the TBM log file & a video showing "brakes released" and "parking brake released" followed by "smoke from the tyres" IMG_2247.mp4 TBM900_Log.txt
  10. Interesting - thanks for that. From my perspective, I only fly around New Zealand - and I don't think a lot changes in the short-term anyway - and even if it does then it's not really going to have much impact on me. So won't be a big deal for me either way.
  11. I had to use the v11.40 data format to get the databases to show anything past a date that was about 4 years ago on the init screen. It just didn't want to know about anything in the v11.50+ format.
  12. Thanks. Now that I know what it takes to work around it it isn't a big deal - but would be nice to get the product one step closer to perfection
  13. Ah - roger that. Not a biggie ... just thought it might be something you weren't aware of and/or wanted to fix in a future update.
  14. @rkarp Assuming that you're like me and have neither $4,000,000 to go buy the real thing nor the skillset to make a model that 100.0% accurate then I think the most realistic thing we can do is settle for something like the HotStart TBM 900 that's "only" 99.9% accurate. As I say to my bank manager, "let's give credit where credit is due"; this small team have produced a study-level aircraft that stands head and shoulders above most of the stock rubbish that's out there. Is it perfect? Nope. But they got orders of magnitude more things right than they did wrong. I'm a picky bastard an
  15. Just tried it again and ... now it's working - so "who knows" what's going on. Perhaps it's a bit like that issue I had with the throttle not wanting to stay in high idle (either snapping across to flight idle or down to low idle); sometimes it does it - sometimes it doesn't - despite nothing appearing to change inbetween. I noticed with the tow that if I leave the park brake off but toe brakes depressed then the tow won't let me move the "power lever" (it just snaps back to stop) whereas with park brake on and toe brakes off I can take the tow to full forward or reverse power (but obviou
  16. Huh? It's been absolutely fine - apart from the lack of colour labels on the maintenance manager. I haven't needed any "config files".
  17. As I taxied in yesterday I saw a big open hangar and though "I'll park her in here for the night". When I tried to use the tow the plane just wouldn't budge; I've quadruple-checked that the parking brake is off - and even pumped the pedals to ensure that they're released. When I apply power to the tow in either direction it makes all the right noises, but the aircraft refuses to move ... and I briefly see a bit of "smoke" coming from both tyres. So for all intents and purposes it's almost like it thinks the aircraft brakes are still on. Any thoughts anyone?
  18. Just an update for item #2; if I have the maintenance manager box open on my centre screen and drag it across to my left screen all the colour highlights jump several inches to the left - so by the time the box is entirely on the left monitor the colour highlights are well and truly off the far left hand end of the monitor.
  19. I'll add my experiences for the record. Currently running XP 11.5R3 on 10700K CPU with 64GB RAM and RTX 3080. Running 3 screens. With everything maxed out I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is "stutters", but when taxiing over (expecially) grass the scenery closest to the cockpit on monitors 1 & 3 looked like it only updating about 3 times a second. I'm sure the rest of the scenery must have been the same but it's not visually apparant since it's further away and less change between frames is expected anyway. Per what some have mentioned above, I too found that anti-aliasing seemed to be
  20. Stuck key on keyboard? Perhaps try with keyboard disconnected?
  21. Hi @Goran_M Noticed a few little things that may or may not be intended. 1. I find that often when I shut down the aircraft - even in the middle of nowhere (like a main taxiway) - I'll discover than an invisible person has installed chocks on the aircraft. 2. Found an interesting little thing with the maintenance manager; I'm running a 3 screen setup - when the maintenance manager is opened up on the centre screen all the colourful green labels are there - but as soon as I move it to either screen 1 or 3 all the colour-coding goes away. 3. The Airframe and Maintenance Manag
  22. Would be nice if they wen't straight for the 940 model with the auto-throttle
  23. My options were 11.41- or 11.50+ I initially had the 11.50+ format but the TBM wasn't seeing it; as soon as I switched to the 11.41- format it instantly saw it. If you're implying that the TBM900 currently runs under the 11.50+ format (albeit with an ILS bug) then all I can say is "it wasn't at my end". Noticed a small visual you might like to address in the next update; if you look at the pilot through the windshield from the outside it doesn't show him wearing a headset when the headset option is selected on (guessing probably same for O2 mask although I haven't tested). Given yo
  24. Thanks Dani, Are you using X-Plane 11.5r3? Could you please do me a favour and tell me what date your databases are showing on the init screen of the TBM 900 when you power it up? EDIT: Sorted. It was indeed an issue with the dataset version; as soon as I switched to the 11.41- format the MFD showed the current data. Looks like a "trap for young players" unless whatever it is that's using the old format is updated to use the new format. Thanks again Dani - first breakthrough I've had in 2 days working on this issue.
  25. OK - think I'm making some progress here; 1. I've found nav data in 2 places "custom" and "default". When I open up the NZNS file in both the one in the "custom" folder lists 14 unique SID procedure names - that correspond with 14 SIDs available to me in the sim whilst at NZNS. So it's looking like the sim is getting the correct data after all. 2. The init screen is still showing the databases as being about 4 years old - not sure why. @Goran_M 3. What initially lead me down the garden path was that I was looking for 3 SIDs that exist in the real world - but not in X-Plane - but
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