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  1. Hi all, sorry for my bad ENG. I have installed Xplane 11 and 12 under Ubunto ver 22.04, no any problems with stock ariplane but with CL 650 (My favorite plane I love it ) is not possible to use any display like PFD, MFD, FMS, ecc ecc, the display remain black but if I click on it is it possible to see the the display on. Another problem is the flickering and sometimes is not possible to click on the start menu for this problem. My actual configuration is: mother board :ROG STRIX X470-I GAMING ram: 16 gb DDR4 Corsair CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core P - graphics: AMD Radeon RX 580 with 8 gb Video Driver : driver=amdgpu (downloaded here -->> https://www.amd.com/en/support/linux-drivers) I think is a display driver problem but im not sure, I'm newbie on Ubuntu, someone can help me ? Thanks in advance Video del 13-11-2022 09:59:17.webm
  2. Hi all is there any chance to be part of CL650 XP12 beta testing ? Thanks for any answer
  3. Guys I updated with new AMD driver release (ver. 22.8.2) and the problem is resolved !!
  4. Good Morning Guys !!! Will be possible in the future have an EFB or an Performance calculator for this amazing plane ? Bye and clear skies
  5. Thanks I resolved my problem
  6. Good morning to all, first... sorry for my bad ENG. I have a question on CL650 (fantastic airplane... the best ever), in descending procedure the VNAV work fine, any quote and speed are respected (double click on PERF key and select the active speed, the speed is displayed in purple, the same in Direct page for the quotes) , is it possible to use the VNAV also in climbing ? (quote and constraint) If yes is it possible a little HOW TO ? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all !! the Traffic map on MFD works or not ? Im not able to see any traffic in TRAFFIC MODE but I see traffics only in MAP MODE. Thanks for any help and reply.
  8. Hi all !! Is it possible to show on PFD this velocity ?
  9. HI Sir thanks for your support here... in the pict above all is fine (look pict num 1), but if I switch to Traffic map I didn't see any traffic (look pict num 2)..
  10. I have the same problem any solution ?
  11. SteveDM

    ETE to Landing

    Hi all one info if is possible, when I put a flight plan in FMS is it possible to select ETE not for the next way point but for the entire flight ? I need sometimes to know how many minutes for the landing. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all, I have this problem, when I switch from GPS to LOC or VOR using the PDI key on PFD (Freq. correctly inserted) no any problem, but if I repeat the same action with the NAV key engaged the sim (maybe the airplane) crash,... someone can help me ? Thanks in advance
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    Thanks was so easy but......
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    HI all and sorry for my bad Eng!!! how is possible to update the airac with Navigraph for this plane ? And the last one, when I taxi with throttle in IDLE the speed is too high i need tu use the brakes and the Airplane advise me brakes ra too hot and wait 15 minutes before take off !! is normal ? Thanks in advance
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