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  1. Think I have this solved! Dumb user error (and a potential area of improvement on X-Plane) It turns out, that in some of the X-Plane failures sub items, some sensors/electronics were FAIELD. That was saved in my default situation, so it would immediately fail the items on startup causing the errors above. IT would be nice if the failures menu would auto-open (expand) the subcategories that had failures, and also on the top of the failures dialog, show if ANY systems are in failure state. I had to go into each one separately and browse through the list and found a few of the su
  2. Loaded it back up tonight and back to dead battery. I was certain I let the standby instrument shut down, so I don't think that is the culprit.
  3. Done. I went back into the sim, did a "Fix all Systems" (So that my battery isn't broken), powered up the plane, and did a shut down and then exited X-Plane. I will now leave the sim for the day to see if the battery "breaks" again, and will try again tonight to see what happens. Does it matter that I am exiting the sim before the 4 minutes it takes for the standby horizon/altimeter instrument to power down? For this test, I will make sure that it shuts off before I exit, but am just curious, not sure if I always wait for that. Thanks again.
  4. I can confirm that I didn't add any LUA scripts.
  5. Updated Log Files attached. This is with everything but the mouse disconnected. I had repaired everything and had good battery. Then shutdown and left for a couple of days... But going into the sim, it is dead with the MFD showing engine info red Xs Thanks again for looking at this!! Dave Snyder Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. Log Files attached. Will try with joystick disconnected. What is interesting is that from maintenance menu, battery shows good, even battery test shows good. But going into the sim, it is dead with the MFD showing engine info red Xd I will run again w/ joystick disconnected and SimVim disconnected and report back... Thanks again for looking at this!! Dave Snyder Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  7. Sorry for the huge delay... life... I could not find the logfile - assume I have to turn that on somewhere? Please advise. Some additional info. From the maintenance hanger, I checked the battery (and under load as well) and it shows that it is good. However, this is what I get when first power up the plane...
  8. Will do tomorrow - thank you so much for the help!
  9. Ahh. Got it - Fair Question. I do have a home-built G1000/GCU 475, but they are all momentary pushbutton and rotary encoder based. I had this problem since before I built it as well, so don't think it would be related. Other than that, just a joystick. Appreciate the suggestion. Dave
  10. The crash bar is down (and battery switch is off), so not sure what would still have the ability to draw from the battery.
  11. Seen this on all version up to and including 1.13 so I assume I am doing something wrong... Start with full operation plane, complete some flight. Then I do a full shutdown of the aircraft, and exit X-Plane. When I come back a week later (don't get to fly enough, I know), my battery is ALWAYS dead. A charge will not help either. I go to the X-Plane failures menu and select "Fix all systems" and it goes back to normal. While this work-around is not horribly painful, I would really like to know what I am doing wrong, or if this is a known bug? By the way, I can access t
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