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  1. Good news for me. That Microsoft "Fix it" tool that you linked to helped. I was able to remove what appeared to be redundant runtimes and then install the redistributable runtime. After that, I got the crash to desktop issues everyone else was having after registering. And after that, I was finally able to start with the engine running and go flying! This will be helpful. I'm already working on getting used to not reaching for the heading knob and fms knobs up on the panel and instead using the ones on the center console. For setting up the flight plan, it's a blessing using the keyboard rather than dialing in everything via the knobs. So, yeah, this will be really helpful to get familiar with the '22 before hopping into the real thing. I exclusively fly in VR, so here's a couple of notes: - when the registration dialog pops up, and the user had started xplane in VR, there is no way to provide focus to the dialog to fill it in. had to start in 2D and register it there. - movement of the heading bug is excruciatingly slow. a full turn of my wrist is about 5-10 degrees max. compare that with the xplane 172 or Vision Jet where it is ~90+ degrees. - it seemed difficult to move the fuel selection lever. sorry, i don't have more detail, i didn't spend a lot of time on it. - as others have mentioned, movement of the throttle and mixture are a bit awkward with having to move up/down vs forward/backward. if i end up spending a lot of time in this, i'll end up getting a physical throttle/mixture quadrant (and i guess mounting it to the side of my seat??) since even if you fix the up/down problem selecting the throttle with the controller is going to be awkward with the way xplane works. I also want to reiterate an earlier point about the redistributable runtime. I've never had to install/fight with this with any other software before. I don't develop for Windows, but do develop for several other platforms. Don't just accept that people can work around the issue. I know you guys can do better. Finally, I know some of this sounded a bit negative, but keep up the hard work. It is really going to provide a great benefit for those transitioning to this aircraft!
  2. screenshots attached. p.s. I didn't have to do this with any other plugins or software.
  3. yeah, i found that in the other thread. it fails to install. i don't know what to say other than i'll probably have to take a half dozen screenshots to show you guys the dialogs.
  4. my issue isn't as simple as flooding the engine. i looked into my log file, I got the "Error Code = 126" issue i saw mentioned in another thread. that thread said to install the visual studio redistributable runtime (vc_runtimeMinimum_x64.msi). unfortunately, when i try to install that, i get an error message that it can't be installed. Torquesim needs to either statically link it or include it with the distribution of the SR22 package. hey guys, any ETA on a hotfiix for this? thanks in advance...
  5. I have a honeycomb yoke and saitek rudder pedals. the master, avionics and light switches are all on and the magnetos are on both. attached is the log file. Log.txt
  6. I have yet to get this to start. Not in VR, not in 2D, not even when I click the button that says to start with the engine running. I would at least expect the hot start thing to work. Instead, the propeller starts out spinning and then slows down to barely flopping around, but still spinning. No amount of throttle keeps it going. Throttle and mixture have no effect.
  7. Do you guys have a rough ETA for this yet? I'm looking to get my high-performance endorsement in a 2004 SR-22 GTS. I'm hoping this will be similar enough to the real airplane in terms of performance characteristics, v speeds, handling, and being able to go through emergencies. The aircraft i'll be using will have the Avidyne system and Garmin 430 GPS, so the avionics will be different, but hopefully everything else will be similar. Getting familiar with this aircraft in the sim will save a lot of time and money. I'm really looking forward to this!
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