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  1. Awesome, thanks, looking forward! cheers, Tom
  2. Hi there, I have mentioned this in other threats before, but no one yet acknowledged it. So i am starting a own new topic! It appears that the “hold brakes regular” and the “hold brakes maximum” key assignment do not (yet) work on the latest les saab 340 update (1.6.1)?Or am i missing something.I saw that “brakes left” and “brakes right” are now working properly. But i use a regular Joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and i would highly appreciate being able to assign both brakes to one key/button! Many thanks,looking forward to new updates,best regards, Tom
  3. Yup, same here, brakes regular & brakes max still don’t work! Just left and right works! Hope regular brakes will be fixed in a future update too!
  4. Powerback? Got a confirmation by the support staff, it is not working on the LES Saab and it will not be implemented! Braking situation didn't change for me after the 1.6.1 update! cheers
  5. Great update! Thanks a lot! :) The "hold brakes max" and "hold brakes regular" functions seam still not be working for me.... left and/or right brakes can be assigned, but i use a Logitech Extrem 3D Pro, where I use only one button for both brakes. (with the above key binding). Am I missing something? If not, any chance this could be implemented in the future? Many thanks, best regards, Tom
  6. regarding v1.6 - truly a great product just two questions came up: brakes: how do i assign brakes to my joystick? The usual x-planes keybinds doesn’t seem to work!? powerback: Are powerbacks possible in the Sim? if yes, how? (Just revers doesn’t seem to work) if no, any chance to implement it with a future update? many thanks, best regards, Tom
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