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  1. Thanks; done. That appears to have helped, at least I haven't experienced another CTD (despite rain and all) so far.
  2. Just experienced a CTD when entering rain - not sure if that's related or not though. Log attached, which seems to point to gizmo as the culprit. Log.txt
  3. Any word on when the plugin might be coming out of Beta? I know a developer who has been waiting for some issues to be fixed for months now, and apparently Gizmo is what is holding back the release of their update.
  4. Any idea when the next update might be happening?
  5. Ha! I'm Finnish, I know all about the Way of Absolute Candor, and I can appreciate that. I guess I'm just surprised you don't see how this would benefit you, too. Anyway, thanks for the engagement & have a good day!
  6. There really is no need to be so testy with this. It was a simple enough suggestion, and a practice that is followed by most other developers across many different pieces of software. Having tight beta expiration time frames also puts unnecessary pressure on releasing the next beta, possibly before it otherwise would have. I agree releases should happen when they're stable, so that's the right thing to do - what I'm suggesting would allow you to do that better. And it would also get pesky users like me off your back, hey You could've just said "Thanks for the suggestion, we
  7. *sigh* The idea was to have a longer gap between expiration and new release. Two ways of going about it: 1) Maintain development cycles, extend expiration periods. 2) Release new versions sooner.
  8. I'm sure "people can handle it", but it's not awesome user experience. At least I want to keep my installation in an instantly flyable condition at all times, and I may not use it every day. Last-minute updates make that impossible - and worse, people may not notice / remember it's due for an update prior to launching the sim, so it's not just the 2-minute installation but also an XP restart that can take far longer. Just a suggestion - feel free to ignore it I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Can we have longer expiration periods on the beta releases then? It'd be nice to have more than a 12-hour window in which to update...
  10. Beautiful, that did the trick - thanks! Would never have occurred to me to try that
  11. Any idea what could be causing this error (during an activation attempt)?
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