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  1. What counts as a new PC? I am upgrading motherboard and CPU. Is this a new PC?
  2. Do I need to, and is there a way to, deactivate the license before moving to new PC?
  3. Hopefully it is fixed soon. It has been 5 months since this problem was reported, and 2 months since XP 11.5 came out of beta.
  4. Are you using the Course 2 knob? It is to the far right on the autopilot panel.
  5. I have seen this happen. In my case it was caused by my old yoke. When centered, the yoke was not really centered; a noisy sensor was commanding a bit of pitch up or pitch down. The autopilot was fighting this. If you go into the calibration setting for your stick/yoke and click "Add Response Curve" for pitch, you will be able to see if and how much pitch input (a blue x/y plot labelled 'Current') is being commanded while the stick/yoke is in neutral. You can then add a point to the curve just beyond this and set it to zero, effectively creating a null zone to null out the false pitch commands
  6. As a follow up. The default G1000 (in the C172) works just fine with the newer Navigraph data. It seems that just the TBM does not like the 11.5 Navigraph data.
  7. I had the same issue. Are you using Navigaph for Xplane 11.5 and above? This seemed to be the issue for me. If I use Navigraph data for 11.4 with 11.5b10 it works just fine.
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