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  1. Once enroute, and at altitude, selecting FPL / VIEW / WIDE and CUM should do the trick. If you have yet to activate your approach (which is likely), the ETE won't be correct as it will not have included the time to execute the approach. The above will assume DCT to your destination airport from the termination of the STAR if one exists. I rely on SIMBRIEF for estimates when planning and prior to FPL entry. Good luck.
  2. Thank you, Chuckv. I had, indeed, missed that. Appreciate the help.
  3. TBM900 and X-Plane 11.41: I don't seem to be able to set course with the G1000 PFD CDI set to NAV2. NAV1 is just fine. LR aircraft seem to work properly. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong or incorrectly expecting? Thanks..
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