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  1. I've installed cloud textures once again and found out that all the lights became okay after i climbed my cruising flight level. Interesting :-) UPDATED: Once descent has begun the cockpit has become darker and darker
  2. Sorry if it was discussed but do i need to check "use experimental flight model" on pref page of Xplane?
  3. Fortunately i have an opportunity to restore original files via Steam app. The problem is solved - you were 100% right, it was custom lit texures which changed cockpit lights inside IXEG aircraft. Great support, sir. Thanks a lot!
  4. That's a good idea, Jan, i will look into because i did that. Will try to restore original files. Thanks for good hint!
  5. Thanks for advises, Jan, but none of these work. I did not re-install X-plane - that's the only thing i don't want to do at the moment. Will try to find out what causes this issue. Thanks!
  6. Hi. Have a same issue. Please check this link below as the dev's team are awared:
  7. Sure. Panel lights to maximum and on the first screenshot a dome is on:
  8. Yeah, electrical power is ON I deleted all the plugins except Gizmo and Plugin Admin. Here is log file enclosed. Thanks Log.txt
  9. Hi. Not sure if it's a bug or my problem but the cockpit lights are very dim and a dome does not work at all. I did a clean re-install of the aircraft, HDR ON, tried Vulcan ON and OFF. All others aircrafts are okay as well as a previous version of IXEG.
  10. Sure it does. All the others aircrafts are okay. Thanks
  11. All the cockpit lightning is very very dim. And a dome doesn't work at all. XP 1150b9. Am i the only one experiencing this issue?
  12. Totally agree with you. Just checked my order history - i bought the 737 in June 2017 and it's been already 3 years. Have no idea why such functions are not implemented. This plane really pretends to be one of the best and well made aicraft for XP but still i don't see any sufficient progress. The last update with its reverted knobs rotation is just frustrating. Can't believe that there had been no any testing before this update came out. The devs really need to spend some time implementing all the key features to make this bird best for XP ever. Hope they will.
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