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  1. @Coop Should the panel or instrument lighting knob also control the PFD and MFD brightness? Tried both but can't get either of them to adjust the brightness Thanks
  2. I have only the RSG plugin for XP installed and that is it. the firmware on my Gen 3 units are the latest 3.2.4 This should be working natively with the RSG hardware. I didn't copy any command mapping.ini or anything to make it work
  3. Ok I'll focus on the panel lights and instrument lights knobs. verified the persist.cfg is not read only (when I change things and it access's the file I can see the time and date match up) next got into the sr22 and changed panel and instrument knobs to full off verified that this showed in the persist.cfg file as all 0's changed aircraft to c172, once loaded I went back to the sr22 took screenshot of lighting knobs back on and the config file shows they are enabled again. verified file is not read only Went into SR22 and set panel and inst lig
  4. Well crud, I thought I had checked the orientation of the map several times. You are correct issue resolved. As for the settings, Yeah I've checked the settings file its set for write access (read-only is unchecked) I'll do a bit more testing Thanks!
  5. Also I have noticed I get into the aircraft (either), turn on batteries get everything started up. But I have to keep turning off the panel lights, instrument lights, reset the fuel pump to off (even though I've set them this way before turning off the aircraft). Leave the Aircraft come back and they have to be put back to how I left them. Is this a persistence thing in the menu I see? I have turned that flag off or on and seems it doesn't matter.. Thoughts.
  6. Here is the SR22 note the yellow outlined area Here is the SR22TN same area
  7. Easy, go to -> Aircraft\X-Aviation\SR22 Series\TorqueSim SR22\plugins\sr_systems\settings (and SR22TN to do the same) (I didn't find anything at the RSG site about new popup script for this. However you could set your RSG monitors to be 2D monitors instead of unused monitors in xplane and it should pop them out automajically as well) I don't do this part as there is a bleed through issue with flying the stock C172, B58 etc. In there is a popsups.cfg you can edit change the following to pop out each one with no bezel. Mine fit perfectly once I did a few small tweaks! mfd_
  8. 1. Map screen does not seem centered compared to SR22TN, it appears it's sitting lower and thus when the profile screen is showing it doesn't look right 2. When pressing the FPL button the MFD, lower left side button where it says Engine now says System and showing unused fuel buttons SR22Tn 1. Batt2 when shut off does not show CAS warning, but on SR22 it does.
  9. Yep patch worked great, thanks for the quick response on this last night.
  10. When power levels are lower landing etc the needles are find, however on take off or cruise they have a nice bounce to them. CPU runs about 19%, Video about 36-40% and FPS is about 35 the whole time. Two videos showing the issue. This is the only issue I've seen so far in the last few hours of flying other than the pin can't be pulled from the parachute handle and that was reported already Seems to be ok below about 2200 rpm and then as you add more power and the RPM climbs the bouncing starts. It stays the same doesn't get better or worse over time. This only happens on the SR22, t
  11. Just purchased the 1.2.1 build and installed. Engines will not start either using the xplane start engines running or following the checklist for starting the aircraft. I worked my way through this thread did all the things everyone else did and nothing happens the starter cranks till battery is dead However I load up your Mooney's and no issue at all starts right off the bat. Every other aircraft works fine but this one. What do you need me to try or what do you want from me -- RESOLVED -- deleted the install and re-installed and followed same procedure to start and its now w
  12. After a quick lunch I re-installed, pulled my head out of my .... and created a new profile for the M20 series and then found the AFM area and assigned all the joystick settings I needed.. Sorry its been crazy.. but I'm up and running now. Nice flying aircraft, can't wait to get the pop out stuff sorted. Thanks again
  13. Sorry not seeing this anywhere. Thanks for the help but I'm so frustrated right now with this that I'm just done with it and removed the aircraft
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