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  1. Hi Bulva, I also have the TPR, it sometimes surprises me as the toe-brakes are gone, but never the yaw/nose wheel steering. In the case of a toe-brakes loss I unplug and re-plug the TPR and the toes are back. For our MuMu I removed the aircraft folder (by hand) and reinstalled it, then the nose steering came back. I've also seen the throttle challenge where a long press on the bravo Toga button makes the throttles jump out of sync. Will try the 1 axes throttle (thr5) on my next flight and see how that works with double props axes.
  2. Hi Tom, Yes, I have pedal hardware. After a clean install it the nosewheel steering is working again. Thanx.
  3. Hi Guys. Reading the above I'm wondering. Are you able to taxi? Cause with me the nose wheel doesnt steer anymore after the update.
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