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  1. Thank you both for your responses! MrScott I thought I tried every monitor setup alternative but not putting the main screen to the left. I did, and it worked. Thanks so much. Also thank you for the discord server invite. I have joined and will try to find my way around. I have been flight summing for decades and just got the TBM 900 last week. I also love Aerobask's Epic E1000. Decided to build a home cockpit and have been experimenting with monitor setups and hardware controls. I have been building hardware controls and writing code to communicate with X-plane using Air Manager to handle the interface. Great fun. It will be great to find some support with my questions. Thanks again
  2. I have not been able to resolve this problem. I have tried many configurations including fresh installs of x-plane and TBM on my SSD and every combination of monitoring setups. The only two configurations that will actually display the airframe manager and payload and maintenance screens is a single monitor or Nvidia surround comprising all 4 monitors In a 4 separate monitor configuration I can see focus shift to a different monitor so I am pretty sure the screens are launching but I am unable to see them. I searched the borders of the monitors but couldn't find a trace of them. I have the latest TBM and X- plane versions. is anyone else experiencing this problem Any help is most appreciated
  3. Thank you. Yes I have v1.10. I - just bought it yesterday. I am muddling my way through it. The screens are missing when using 4 separate monitors - or three - or even 2 but works ok with just one. I am currently experimenting with NVidia surround with 4 monitors spanned (GTX 1070) This actually works. I was just setting up X-camera when the sim just crashed for no reason I could see. So much to learn. Thanks for your reply.
  4. I seem to have a version of this issue where I cannot see the Airframe Manager, Maintenance Manager and Payload screens at all. The menus on the left side turn green on the borders when clicked but no screen is visible. Meanwhile the GPU. chocks and tow all work. Has anyone solved this problem?
  5. Thanks for your response RobW05. Interesting possibility. I reduced the screens to one with no different result. In any case after a lot of sleuthing last night I fixed the problem myself by looking at the TBM and X-plane logs and found that there was a problem in the \output directory. I found another post here where the author suggested deleting the \output\TBM900 directory to fix this. Started everything up and all was working again. Finally got to try this aircraft out and was not disappointed.
  6. Further to above I have been trying to track this down and found some log files - attached. A problem seems to occur when trying to open the flightlog - this error is triggered 2019-12-09 12:52:20 TBM900[helpers.c:1076]: Cannot open directory D:\Program Files\X-Plane 11\X-Plane 11\\Output\TBM900\flightlog: The system cannot find the path specified. Note the double backstroke before the Output directory \\Output . Any ideas how to fix this? In case you are wondering the D:\Program Files\X-Plane 11\X-Plane 11 part of the path is correct. It is relic from an old installation. Please help! thanks I have created a support ticket for this TBM900_Log.txt GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  7. This morning I purchased your TBM 900 product and managed to get it installed, started X-plane 11 and loaded the aircraft. After starting X-plane and loading the TBM aircraft and entering my email, etc. the aircraft was authorized and the tutorial started. Everything seemed great until about 45 seconds into the welcome tutorial there was a power failure and the computer stopped. Of course this is no fault of yours LOL. However after power was restored and I restarted the computer, and X-plane and loaded the TBM I have experienced a problem that I have been unable to resolve. After testing all this morning I can determine no problem with X-plane – all the other planes work as expected. The problem is only with the TBM Here are the symptoms I use 4 screems - the main screen is totally light gray and the simulation is paused and I cannot get it off pause. I can see the plane interior on the top three screens. I see the maintenance menus on the left etc. but no matter what cannot get the simulation to un-pause. Pressing P or the pause symbol causes a momentary flicker – the prop moves a little – but the simulation remains paused. On the extreme right of the main screen I see the Gizmo menu. Nothing on the menus seems to work – including the TBM plugin menu. To try and fix things I did the following - Removed all uncecessary plugins - Removed and re-installed the TBM ( a pain because my internet is slow and it is a big download)à - Re-installed (updated) X-plane 11. - Checked the online forums and found no one with a similar problem Please help me get it working. Obviously I am excited to try the aircraft out but am getting nowhere. The first 45 seconds seemed pretty good ;-). I wonder if something in the registry got corrupted. Does the un-install remove ALL the registry entries? Is there a log file somewhere I need to post> Any help greatly appreciated.
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