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  1. Could please someone make this beautiful livery? https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1087322/oy-mmf-maersk-air-boeing-737-3l9 Thanks
  2. Hi Jan, thanks for the super quick reply. Gizmo Beta indeed improved it. But also turning G-Sync on somehow helped. Strange though because this never was an issue in other aircraft. Cheers Janis
  3. Hi there, I have only recently obtained the wonderful ixeg. I have noticed some micro stuttering. FPS is at around 50-60. Experimental flight model is on and 2 flight models per frame. (xprealistic is off) Here is a video of it. https://youtu.be/qZp3pzCz7pI Edit: I am on xplane 11.41and on Gizmo64
  4. No don't get the Carenado one. I have both, just recently got the LES Saab and this one is 1000 better and has more character ;). Regarding the next update of this wonderful aircraft, will it use the experimental flight model of xplane 11.40, which will anyway be the standard with 11.50?
  5. Yes I couldn't find which nml and I would have tried it in GIMP. Flying the sundowner at sundown is just a bit too much glare
  6. I too thought the glare to be too high. How do you adjust it?
  7. Hi! I just bought this aircraft. It looks and sounds very nice and flies wonderful. Should we have the experimental flight model checked if we are using 11.40 xplane? Cheers Janis
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